A new abnormal condition of

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A new abnormal condition of matter has been proven

Scientists have discovered for the first time an exotic condition
of matter, the existence of which was predicted almost 50 years
ago. In 1973, physicist Philip Anderson hypothesized a condition
of matter called quantum spin fluids that does not obey these rules.
When the material cools, it does not form a solid, and, importantly,
their electrons do not go into a highly ordered state. Instead, they
will constantly switch, entangling themselves with each other in
a complex quantum condition.
Only almost half a century later, a group of scientists from Harvard
first created and observed (https://bit.ly/3lHBRPt) a quantum spin
fluid in practice. To do this, the researchers used a programmable
quantum simulator they developed several years ago, which uses
lasers to hold 219 atoms in a grid. The properties of these atoms
can be carefully modified, including the spins of their electrons.
The resulting quantum spin fluid exhibits several useful quantum
phenomena, such as entanglement, where atoms can influence each
other over vast distances and even "teleport" information; and
quantum superposition, when atoms can exist in several states
at the same time. Both are useful for building quantum computers
that need to be more robust against external interference.