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Vaccines: corruption, con, scandals - media review

1) Compulsory vaccination was supported by only half of the
doctors, according to the results of a survey of doctors in the
mobile application "Doctor's Handbook" in Russia. 3079 medical
specialists from all regions of Russia took part in the study,
- reports RBC (https://bit.ly/3ouehaw). According to the survey
results, 49.7% of physicians support the introduction of compulsory
vaccination, and 50.3% of respondents were against. 86.6% of the
respondents agree that the information campaign on vaccination
cannot be called successful. 61.1% of doctors believe that the
contradictory statements of the authorities about the coronavirus
and the vaccination itself prevented her most of all, writes
Kommersant (https://bit.ly/3Gi54Iv).
2) Austrian TV channel PULS 24 (https://bit.ly/3Iz9M6S) has
published new details about the compulsory vaccination bill that
the government is preparing. According to the document, Austrian
citizens who refuse vaccination will be fined up to 600 euros
within three months. The maximum fine can be ˆ 3,600 or
ˆ 2,400 per year.
3) In Latvia, the government made a decision
(https://bit.ly/3pxlRkg) on mandatory testing for Covid from
December 6 at workplaces 2 times a week for everyone - vaccinated
and unvaccinated. A few days later, a message appeared in the news
that testing at work can be made voluntary, and not compulsory,
because the purchase transaction for covid tests in Latvia is being
checked by law enforcement agencies (https://bit.ly/3Eya3EA).
The story is confusing - the tender for the state order for the
supply of the first batch of Covid tests for 3 million euros was
won by the little-known company Ekspress laboratorija, registered
quite recently and there is no data on its finances. The contract
was drawn up even before the government decided on mandatory
testing at work! After the conclusion of the contract, Russian
citizen Sergei Lebedev disappeared from the list of co-owners of
the company, and the only remaining official, Elena Putvike, had
not previously been involved in business. After the deal was paid
attention to by law enforcement agencies, Ekspress laboratorija
canceled the contract and is now planning to conclude it with other
suppliers, but the tests will cost more.
4) Greece on December 1 passed a law on compulsory vaccination
of all permanent residents of the country over 60 years old. In case
of refusal to vaccinate this category of citizens, they will have to
pay a monthly fine of 100 euros.
5) According to fresh statistics, in England, among those undergoing
testing for coronavirus, COVID-19 is detected in every sixtieth,
Sky News reports (https://bit.ly/3lzXoti). As the channel's
correspondent notes, such statistics serve as a reminder that the
UK has not yet overcome the pandemic - especially since infections
with the omicron strain of coronavirus are not taken into account
in it.
6) In Vienna, Austria, massive protests took place against
restrictive measures and compulsory vaccination against coronavirus,
reports ORF (https://bit.ly/3EsX72I). According to the police, about
42 thousand people from several regions of Austria took part in the
demonstrations. Despite the predominantly peaceful nature of the
protests, some protesters behaved "anti-democratic" and threw
firecrackers at police officers, to which they responded with tear
7) Testimony by Physician (https://youtu.be/8sSWNNPwPPM), US
Army Lt. Col., Master of Public Health, Theresa Long, at a
coronavirus vaccination hearing hosted by Senator Johnson (USA).
8) A US citizen who arrived in Thailand has been diagnosed with an
omicron strain of coronavirus, according to the Kingdom's Ministry
of Health (https://bit.ly/3DzHJR6). The infected is a 35-year-old US
citizen vaccinated in June with a Johnson & Johnson vaccine who
arrived in Thailand from Spain on November 30, said the director
of the Disease Control Department of the Thai Ministry of Health.
9) The British National Statistical Office was officially accused of
manipulation in order to overestimate the effectiveness of
vaccination. On November 1, 2021 the service stated
(https://bit.ly/3xWsfoM) that, adjusted for age, "the risk of dying
is 32 times higher for unvaccinated than for vaccinated." The
Statistical Office has published a complaint letter
(https://bit.ly/3doytog) to the National Statistical Office, saying
that their chosen interval (January 2 to September 24) contains a
bright seasonal winter spike in "normal mortality", but In winter,
there were few vaccinated (0.8% in January and 77.4% in September),
so the seasonal surge was in the mortality rate of primarily
unvaccinated people, which overestimated the mortality rate,
although this has nothing to do with the effectiveness of vaccines.