Covid catalyst big media review

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Covid catalyst - big media review

1) A court in the Belgian region of Wallonia, a French-speaking
region in southern Belgium with an estimated 3.5 million
inhabitants, ruled that the use of the COVID vaccine certificate
was illegal. As a result, the court ordered local authorities to pay
a daily fine of ˆ 5,000 ($ 5,658) until they lift the requirement,
Anadolu news agency reported (https://bit.ly/3pqpMPD).
2) An interesting conclusion (https://bit.ly/3Gj8jzk) was reached
by the interregional committee for the fight against coronavirus
infection in Spain. According to the study, Covid passports
(QR codes) are ineffective in terms of reducing infection, or
perhaps vice versa, as they send people a dangerous message that
vaccination prevents the virus from circulating.
3) According to the head of Piedmont, Italy, Alberto Chirio, a
50-year-old resident of the region decided that he could deceive
doctors with a "fake hand" (silicone deltoid muscle). His goal
was to bypass the system and get a green passport without
4) Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes opened
an investigation against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after
he speaking out about the link between coronavirus vaccination
and AIDS risk, G1 reports (https://glo.bo/3opX1U8).
5) According to a South African scientist who discovered a rapidly
spreading genetic mutant, the Omicron variant, now present in at
least 23 countries around the world, was likely incubated in humans
with an immune system affected by HIV
6) A group of Chinese scientists led by professor at Sun Yat-sen
University, Dena Kai, during a large-scale study studied the
antibodies of Chinese residents who had previously suffered from
COVID-19 in a severe form. The researchers isolated B-cell cultures
from blood samples, which are responsible for the production of
antibodies. Then, using a cryoelectron microscope, the researchers
observed which parts of the viral particles they were able to attack.
In the blood of one of the patients, they managed to find an
antibody, which was named 35B5. It, as mentioned above, combines
with that part of the protein that remains unchanged in all SARS-Co
V-2 viruses. More detailed information about it is contained in the
study, which can be found in the bioRxiv electronic library
(https://bit.ly/3ooRgps). The discovered stable region of the
S-protein can be used not only for the creation of antibodies.
7) A coalition of states led by Missouri has won a lawsuit against
the Biden administration, seeking to end the federal requirement for
mandatory vaccinations for medical workers, Fox News reports.
According to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, it is not
scientific data that is important for Biden and his proteges, but
the ability to concentrate more power in their hands
8) Gorelectrotrans and Pasazhiravtotrans of St. Petersburg, Russia
will spend (https://bit.ly/3Iq0dqS) over 117 million rubles on QR
code scanners in public transport. The corresponding tender
appeared on the public procurement website. According to the
tender documentation, the scanner must read one-time passes
based on the QR code from mobile devices. It is supposed to
automatically adapt to poor lighting conditions. The device must
have a clearly visible laser pointer.
9) The owners of a Kazan cafe, Russia on Serov Street, where QR
codes were not required from visitors, told how they were raided
(https://youtu.be/B1xPJ-kVydA) by representatives of all
government departments. According to the girls, police officers
and Rospotrebnadzor officers came to the institution.