Attacks of Political Correctness Media

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Attacks of Political Correctness - Media Review

The next rounds of political correctness attacks will be
discussed in this review.
1) The Belgian authorities have announced their intention to
exclude the mention of gender from the identity cards of
citizens of the country, Le Figaro reports (https://bit.ly/3lvYdTQ).
As the publication reports, earlier the country's constitutional
court recognized the existing choice between indicating the male
and female gender in documents as discriminatory, since it did not
take into account the needs of non-binary people. Going forward,
the government plans to hold a public debate to find a way to
register gender in an inclusive way.
2) A Canadian school canceled an event with ISIS attack survivor
Nadia Murad (https://bit.ly/3obK3cl), saying her visit would be
offensive to Muslims and contribute to Islamophobia. Nadia Murad
is the author of The Last Girl, in which she describes her slavery in
ISIS after the Islamists killed her mother, her six siblings and five
cousins, and many other relatives for refusing to convert to Islam.
So now in Canada, Nadia Murad's memoirs were considered
"offensive" to Muslim students.
3) In Parma Italy, the police disrupted a rally
(https://youtu.be/_6OXuEToVv0) at which opponents of vaccination
carried portraits of people who died after vaccination. Protesters
against universal vaccination in Europe want the vaccination
campaign to be not global and take into account the health of