Mysterious genetic manipulations spotted all

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Mysterious genetic manipulations spotted all over the world

The US National Center for Counterintelligence and Security issued
a report (https://bit.ly/3xKeQQR) warning that some countries and
China in particular are collecting DNA information from public
health databases (genomic datasets).
Such actions pursue only one goal - to identify genetic
vulnerabilities in the population of certain peoples with the
subsequent development of genetically adapted weapons. About
the same information was also published by the NY Times
(https://nyti.ms/31nAz4I). US warns of China's efforts to collect
genetic data. The NCSC argues that genetic technologies, touted
as the future of medicine for their ability to design and adapt
disease therapies to the individual's genome, will be used to
identify genetic vulnerabilities in populations and be used as
weapons of war.
The NY Times report really draws attention to BGI Group, a Chinese
genome sequencing company that uses neonatal genetic testing to
collect genetic data from millions of women around the world.
Material also provides interesting insights into WuXi Biologics,
a Chinese biotech company that acquired Pfizer's manufacturing
plant in China earlier this year and invested in DNA data collection
company 23andMe in 2015.
It is known that as early as 2 years ago, China began using genetic
tests to calculate the members of the Uyghur people. De facto we
dealing with Nazi racial segregation and eugenics. The New York
Times omits one important point in its report. The use of medical
DNA bases is actively used by other governments around the world.
There are definitely no good guys in this competition.
The Chinese do collect genetic information from people around the
world, however, China's genebank is not the largest DNA database
run by the national government. This dubious honor belongs to the
British government, and the Americans are not far behind either.
And the Australians are in the race. If you live in a civilized
world, then most likely your genetic material, in one way or
another, was collected and stored by the state for use by the
military or even private contractors for research purposes without
your knowledge or consent. The NCSC report says that your genetic
information can be used by bad actors to create deadly pathogens
and bioweapons that will be adapted for certain peoples, races, or
even for you personally.