what is the connection between

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Opinion: what is the connection between morgellons and vaccinations?

There's no way the shot is experimental, and no way it was not
stockpiled years in advance. My perspective on this is not popular.
I have posted this numerous times on forums (I post a LOT of what
I put here on forums, often on forums first) and one thing I have
posted lots but not really pointed out here (due to backlash in the
comments) is that there's no way this shot is experimental and that
they have been working on it for 40 years.
Here is what I think. I think morgellons was a test bed for
integrating cybornetic systems in people that were un-killable, and
that it started in the early 90's. I think they learned from a
multitude of morgellons tests about how to get systems to integrate
with the body. Some of the tech from that testing eventually made
it into that shot, even if morgellons told them what they could or
could not do with a shot.
Consider this: Morgellons causes an obvious affliction that is so
perfectly clearly an affliction it is absolutely undeniable, and
doctors, immediately, without even hearing "morgellons" are looking
at it and on the spot calling it "delusional parasitology". I believe
this is because people who get morgellons are selected for it, and
the doctor they will go to for it is already known by those doing
the tests. So guilt and "you are crazy" is used to keep people under
The same thing happened with the MMR shots and other childhood
vaxxes, and they blamed parents for the vax deaths by calling them
"sudden infant death symdrome", where when a vax killed the kids,
once again guilt and accusations were used to keep parents under
control: "Your kid was fine. what did YOU do to cause this? And
shaken baby, where the parents try to wake their child up only to
discover it dead was also invented, to inflict even more guilt,
point the finger away, and blame the parents. And for the death jab,
they even came up with SADS, - Sudden adult death syndrome - to
explain why adults are now dropping dead after the shot.
One thing is certain: The way they lied about Morgellons, the way
they lied about SIDS, they way they then called the same thing
happening to adults who got the death shot SADS, the way they
filthily accused parents with abuse via "shaken baby syndrome" while
they killed many and maimed an enormous portion of the population
with childhood shots only proves they are filth of the lowest order
and that YES, they probably really have been prepping this death
shot for 40 years.
IS NOT EXPERIMENTAL. They probably did the testing of the actual
death jabs in American prisons and on Palestinian captives.
That's what I think they really did. This shot is NOT experimental.
They know EXACTLY what it does and have perfected it down to a
refined product. If not, how TF are people dropping over in droves,
while magnets stick and some start transmitting bluetooth? It is
time for people to WAKE TF UP about this. There is no experimenting
at all. This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated.