Covid tales media review Ekaterenburg,

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Covid tales - media review

1) Ekaterenburg, Russia mass protest against QR codes. Video.
2) The head of the British Ministry of Health Sajid Javid said that
he agreed with the recommendation of the Joint Committee on
Vaccinations and Immunizations (JCVI) to reduce the time between
the main course of vaccination against COVID-19 and revaccination
from 6 to 3 months (https://bit.ly/3D5wVtx).
3) Police have closed a private coronavirus vaccination facility at
Lubeck airport. It was opened by the owner of the building - a
German businessman and physician Winfried Stecker. He suggested
that people be vaccinated with a drug of his own production. This
was reported by the Welt TV channel (https://bit.ly/3D1rJqE). The
police seized vials of medicine, medical devices and lists of those
who were going to be vaccinated. 50 people have already received
an injection of a vaccine independent of the "world behind the
scenes". Another 150 citizens were in line.
4) The Australian government adopts a law to de-anonymize online
trolls, IT giants such as Facebook and Twitter will be responsible
for identifying them (https://bit.ly/3llyWfk). Prime Minister Scott
Morrison, whose government is preparing for elections in the first
half of 2022, said the new law would protect Australians from online
harassment and harassment. Although it is obvious that, first of
all, the law is aimed at combating independent information regarding
Covid and vaccines in general.