Covid concentration camp aggravation.Shocking

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Covid concentration camp - aggravation. Shocking media review

1) The first details about life in Australian concentration camps
are beginning to leak onto the Internet. TheCOVIDWorld editors
decided to publish the video (https://youtu.be/cMM4ckx9iWs) as
it is unlikely that the Australian government is going to publish
such information on its own. An anonymous user detailed the
experience of being in an Australian concentration camp. The man
claims that he was imprisoned in a camp after flying to Australia
from Singapore. Despite the fact that the man was vaccinated and
passed 3 tests during the trip, all of which were negative, he was
forced to serve his sentence in a concentration camp.
2) A new study by scientists from the University of Ariel has shown
that a special form of radiation known as millimeter waves can kill
99% of coronavirus and poliovirus on surfaces within 2 seconds.
These results can be important for fast and effective disinfection,
reports The Jerusalem Post (https://bit.ly/3I4maLY).
3) The Vice Mayor of Oroville, USA, told Fox News that he is
declaring a constitutional republic, a city of refuge, free from
covid tyranny (https://youtu.be/yQMpUPDNsJA).
4) Angelica Kutze, a practicing doctor from the capital of South
Africa, said (https://bit.ly/3E5LUoD) that recently, among her
patients with coronavirus, there are many young people who
complained of severe fatigue. However, none of them spoke of
a loss or change in taste or smell. In addition, the doctor
mentioned that a six-year-old child, whom she observed, was
infected with the new Omicron virus strain. Kutze also stated
that she noticed uncharacteristic symptoms of Omicron in four
infected members of her family. It was back on November 18th.
Their tests for COVID-19 were positive, with everyone
complaining that they felt very tired and overwhelmed.
5) The delta coronavirus strain poses a greater threat to the UK
than the new COVID-19 mutation, dubbed omicron, writes The
Daily Telegraph (https://bit.ly/3I2L9PJ), citing the opinion of the
head physician of England Chris Whitty. According to doctors,
although the new strain may be resistant to vaccines, it is possible
that in the end it will only cause a runny nose and headaches.
6) In Vologda, Russia opened a criminal case against the opponent
of the law on QR codes. She sprayed dichlorvos on the National
Guards (https://bit.ly/3FU2sAx).
7) To reduce the volume of lesions of the new Covid strain "omicron"
Israel is introducing a complete ban (https://bit.ly/3CZFMwT) on
the admission of foreigners for 2 weeks while this new strain is
being studied. Anthony Fausi - Biden's chief medical advisor says
(https://cbsn.ws/3p8anDx) that he would not be surprised if omicron
has already infiltrated the US, pointing out its excellent
characteristics for rapid population coverage, declining to comment
on how effective existing vaccines are against. " omicron "prior to