World Behind the rehearsed the

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"World Behind the Scenes" rehearsed the epidemic earlier. New evidence

I have already written that a Merck employee outside the
Philadelphia lab found 15 unreported smallpox vials. The FBI
and other federal agencies intervened and launched an investigation.
As you may recall, Bill Gates already spoke of microbial games by
comparing them to war games, All News Pipeline reported.
Smallpox virus samples are stored at the State Research Center
for Virology and Biotechnology Vector in the Koltsovo science
city of the Novosibirsk region in Russia. This article based at old
materials dated 2015-2018. But it is important to understand the
plans for the "world behind the scenes" and how Covid-19
In 2018, Canadian scientists published an article on the creation of
a smallpox virus, posting (https://bit.ly/3FMqRIc) it in the public
domain. Than many people were shocked (https://bit.ly/3HOtpY2).
Thomas Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at Johns
Hopkins University in Baltimore, called the publication of the
article a serious mistake. But this apology won't change anything.
In response to the upcoming bioterrorism attacks, the IAG
recommended (https://bit.ly/311VwSA):
1) Significantly increase preparedness efforts to ensure that early
detection and rapid response capabilities are widely disseminated,
including in risk alert systems, with the possible reappearance of
2) Revise the WHO rules for the management of variola virus, with
a particular focus on biosafety and biosecurity rules and
regulations, in order to reduce and minimize the risk of a
laboratory accident that may arise from the widespread use of
synthetic biological technologies.
As we can see from this analysis, the situation with the man-made
creation of terrible diseases has existed since the CISRP technology
appeared. Scientists, like little children, lit the fire of a new
plague without thinking about the consequences of their scientific