People live all over the

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People live all over the universe

Simon Conway Morris stated (https://bit.ly/3DUb2hV) that researchers
can confidently say that human-like evolution has taken place
elsewhere in the universe. At the heart of Morris's beliefs is the theory
of convergent evolution, which states that random effects eventually
average out, so that evolution converges, tending to the appearance of
similar organisms in any environment. Science Focus magazine used
the example of flight, which independently evolved on Earth at least
four times in birds, bats, insects and pterosaurs. In other words,
it is theoretically possible that the blue and green alien humanoids
you see in Star Trek could actually exist. Arik Kershenbaum, a
zoologist, has written a book on the concept of alien evolution.
Since evolution is the explanatory mechanism for life everywhere,
Kershenbaum told Quanta magazine earlier this year, the principles
we are discovering on Earth should be applicable to the rest of the