Psychopathy The Smartphone Way The

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Psychopathy - The Smartphone Way

The social network Facebook collects a huge amount of information
about users and controls both the information itself and access to it,
said (https://bit.ly/3FIeMUl) the founder of the social network MeWe
Mark Weinstein. In a large interview within the framework of a
large-scale special project "Algorithm. Who Controls You", he
explained how Facebook misuses users' personal information and why
they are in danger because of this. According to Weinstein,
Facebook, which is said to be used by more than three billion
people, knows a lot about its users. For example, information about
their religious preferences, financial situation, political views,
sexual orientation and other data.
A survey of nearly 1,100 American adults by Soltiaired
(https://bit.ly/3r4Xooz) found that when it comes to boredom, the
advent of smartphones, apps, and mobile games has forever changed
the way people do themselves. Ironically, the survey shows that
virtually everyone is having fun with their phone while enjoying a
different kind of entertainment! A staggering 99% of respondents
report using their mobile phone while watching TV. Another 78%
say they browse their apps even during a concert. While a smartphone
can relieve many people of boredom in their daily lives, there are
many places where this behavior is still frowned upon. Regardless
of how others judge them later, 60% of Americans admit to using
their phone during a religious service. Half of them even pulled
their phone out during someone's wedding, and another 3 out of 10
looked at funeral or memorial updates! When it comes to why people
are so dependent on their mobile devices, an impressive 86% admit
that they take out their phones to avoid talking to other people.
6 out of 10 people use this tactic to avoid talking to relatives at
holiday parties. Even when Americans know they are going to an
event where they will meet with others in person, 91% say they tire
of talking. “Confirming previous studies that show that many people
do work from their restrooms, the current survey found that a
whopping 90% of Americans regularly use their phone in the restroom.
In fact, 3 in 4 say they end up spending more time in the restroom
than planned because something on their phone distracted them.More
than half of the respondents (53%) add that their legs and buttocks
really go numb when they sit on the toilet for so long.