Aliens are leaving Earth en

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Aliens are leaving Earth en masse

On May 18, 2020, a camera (https://bit.ly/3oNlgKW) installed on
board the International Space Station recorded how UFOs
simultaneously launch from the surface of our planet and fly into
space. Ufologists came to the conclusion that there was a mass
evacuation of aliens, who for many centuries secretly lived on Earth
next to people. But what made them leave their old world?
On October 11, 2019 at 00:16, a fireball appeared in the sky over
northeastern China (https://bit.ly/3nDvBd2). It shone so brightly
that it turned midnight into a white day and then exploded. This
explosion did not cause any serious damage. However, earlier this
year, Professor Chandra Wickramasingh of the Buckingham Center
for Astrobiology UK stated that the exploded meteor contained a
monoculture of infectious viral particles embedded in it. We are
considering the seemingly incredible possibility that hundreds of
trillions of infectious viral particles have been released, embedded
in fine carbonaceous dust, the astrobiologist said in an interview
with The Daily Mail (https://bit.ly/3HHnkwB).
In the same way, pathogens can also get to the Earth. They could in
the past cause epidemics of such deadly diseases as mad cow disease,
poliomyelitis, SARS. The current space courier carried coronaviruses
released by the explosion. Once in the upper layers of the
stratosphere, some of them sank to the Earth, while the other fell
into the stratospheric air currents that circulate around the planet.
These winds could spread the infection around the world along a
strip between 40-60 degrees north latitude. It is on this line:
China (Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak was first recorded)
- France - Italy - Iran - South Korea - Japan - USA (Seattle - 
Washington - New York) - the main foci of the pandemic are located.
However, many scientists disagree with Professor Wickramasingh.
They argue that the COVID-19 virus only survives for 72 hours, and
carried by air masses, it would lose its strength after overcoming
several kilometers.
Viruses from space are an old fake that should be sent to the
furnace, - said virologist Ian Jones from the University of Reading
(England). This kind of nonsense distracts from the really important
work of tracking down, controlling, and then preventing infection.
What the virus actually demonstrates is the flip side of evolution,
when everything makes its way to gain a foothold on the planet in
one way or another.
In 2020, ufologist Scott Warring posted on his blog a video filmed
by SDO (https://bit.ly/3nD7VFt) - NASA's solar observatory. it
clearly shows a black triangular object next to the sun. Warring's
opponents suggested that the telescope recorded only a spot on
the sun. The ufologist strongly disagrees with this version, since
the video shows that the UFO does not rotate with the star, but
remains in place.
According to Warring and other ufologists, this object is a
stationary alien station in the orbit of the Sun. Its dark color
indicates the relatively low temperature of the UFO. This means
that the alien civilization that launched a giant ship into the
solar system has high technologies for the production of such
spacecraft, allowing them to be placed next to the stars emitting
heat and radiation.
In March, ESA and NASA stations recorded a powerful explosion
on the side of the Sun, which was not visible at that moment. The
SOHO observatory captured the flying debris of an unknown giant
apparatus over the eastern side of the star. Almost simultaneously
with this explosion, thousands of bright points rushed to the Earth.
Perhaps we have witnessed the space battle of two warring
civilizations, one of which has long and firmly settled on Earth,
and the other arrived on a huge ship from the depths of the
Universe. Terrestrial aliens dealt a powerful blow to the enemy,
destroying the enemy station in the orbit of the Sun, but its crew
managed to carry out a retaliatory attack before their death,
launching capsules with biological weapons towards our planet.
Almost all of them were shot down, but one (at least) still broke
through - and a coronavirus pandemic broke out on Earth.
There is a version according to which US President Eisenhower
entered into an agreement with gray aliens in the 1950s, allowing
them to conduct experiments on humans and providing ground bases
in exchange for technology. This deal made it possible for reptilians
to infiltrate society - lizard-like aliens who know how to disguise
themselves as people. And they did not fail to use it. According to
some reports, up to 80% of the world political and cultural elite in
developed countries are representatives of grays and reptilians and
their hybrids with humans. Although in Russia and China this figure
is two times lower, but in these countries representatives of a
hostile civilization are more and more actively breaking through
into power and culture, practically destroying the attempts of
mankind to preserve its history and itself as a species.
The aliens who arrived in the solar system came to the conclusion
that the only effective means of dealing with gray reptiloids and
their human hybrids is biological weapons. They invented and
launched the COVID-19 virus. For purebred earthlings, it is
completely harmless. Even if a person becomes infected with it,
the disease is asymptomatic and lifelong immunity is developed
quite easily and quickly. It's another matter if alien genes are
present in the body. But the fewer there are, the easier the disease
progresses. A severe course and lethal outcomes are characteristic
exclusively for aliens and hybrids of the first and second
Apparently, for some time the alien invaders were still trying to
cope with the disease, but still realized that they had lost the
war. Indeed, in the United States - the main bridgehead of the
grays and reptilods - tens of thousands of deaths, one and a half
million of those infected. In Europe, the situation is not much
better. Therefore, the aliens urgently began a mass evacuation,
recorded by the ISS cameras. But the virus continues and he march
across the planet. After all, grays and reptiloids uncontrollably
introduced their genes into the human population for decades.
No one can know whether there is something alien in him or not,
and in what generation. In the same way, no one can know who the
aliens are for earthlings, destroying the grays and reptiloids.
Defenders, saviors of mankind, or new enslavers, expelling a
competing company from the Earth? Therefore, we need to be on
guard when the pandemic subsides.