An important truth about the

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An important truth about the Covid problem - media review

1) Three months after the delta variant led to a record daily number
of cases across Japan of nearly 26,000, the number of new cases of
COVID-19 infection has dropped sharply, falling below 200 in
recent weeks. not a single death - for the first time in 15 months.
Many scientists point to various possibilities, among which one of
the highest vaccination rates in developed countries: as of
Wednesday, 75.7% of residents were fully vaccinated. Other
potential factors are social distancing measures and the wearing of
masks, which are now deeply ingrained in Japanese society. But
the main reason may be related to the genetic changes that the
coronavirus undergoes during the reproduction process, at a rate of
about two mutations per month. According to a potentially
revolutionary theory proposed by Ituro Inoue, a professor at the
National Institute of Genetics, the delta variant in Japan has
accumulated too many mutations in the non-structural protein
nsp14, which corrects the virus's errors. As a result, the virus did
not have time to correct errors in time, which ultimately led to
"self-destruction" (https://bit.ly/30HYtHO).
2) WHO has opposed mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns.
Countries need to take a risk-based approach to stem transmission,
Shaib said, adding that this work needs to be done based on an
assessment of their own national epidemiological situation. She
gave a negative answer to the question of whether vaccination,
from the point of view of WHO, should be mandatory. At the
same time, according to her, immunization issues are resolved
within the national sphere, the states themselves make decisions
on this matter (https://bit.ly/3FCD9D1).
3) The US FBI reports (https://bit.ly/3FD6NrL) that despite the
lockdown, 2020 set a 24-year record for the number of murders.
The growth of this indicator was 29% in 2020. This is one of the
highest percentages in the last 90 years after the Great Depression.
The annual number of murders was 6.5 per 100 thousand of the
population. The number of deaths from overdose in the United
States showed (https://bit.ly/3oNQilS) an increase of 30% and
reached 100 thousand. The indicator has grown by 45% since 2014.
More than 60% of deaths are caused by synthetic opioids.
Combined, the number of these deaths, murders + overdose for
the year was about 110 thousand.
4) Bayer Pharmaceuticals President told international experts during
a global health conference (https://bit.ly/3nAqAlx) that COVID-19
mRNA injections are indeed cell and gene therapy marketed under the
guise of a vaccine in order to be socially acceptable. The COVID
mRNA vaccines are actually cell and gene therapies that would
otherwise be rejected by the public if it weren't for the pandemic and
favorable marketing. Video (https://bit.ly/3cyV7tn).
5) In Rotterdam, a demonstration against anti-coronavirus
restrictions (https://bit.ly/3DCVlf8) led to riots. Hundreds of
protesters burned flares and pelted police with stones. In response,
law enforcement officers was open fire. Water cannons were also
used to disperse the crowd. Several police cars were burned in the
city center (https://bit.ly/3kUroQj). Firefighters who tried to
extinguish the flames were also pelted with various objects. Trains
have been suspended at Rotterdam Central Station.
6) Unidentified persons burst into the office of the head of
Rospotrebnadzor in the Volgograd region, Russia, media reported.
Judging by the video posted (https://bit.ly/3x4xySS), this is
several women who opposed the checks of entrepreneurs for the use
of QR codes. In other regions, people go to rallies and express
outrage on the Internet after the government's bill on QR codes was
7) Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alexander Redko believes
(https://bit.ly/3HIboKQ) that statistics on the consequences of
vaccination in Russia are not collected because it is terrible.
Rarely, like many Russians, why is Russia not providing data on
the number of side effects from vaccines? Indeed, there are many
messages on the Web on the topic of adverse reactions from
vaccinations and even deaths after vaccination. Doctor of Medical
Sciences Dmitry Yedelev addressed the State Duma with the same
question, but received no answer.
8) Director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for
Epidemiology and Microbiology Alexander Gintsburg, the creator
of the Sputnik V vaccine, supported the proposal to deprive doctors
who discourage patients from vaccination from diplomas
9) Scandal! On October 26, the Minister of Health of the Republic
of Kazakhstan Aleksey Tsoi (https://bit.ly/3FBXxUv) at a meeting
with reporters said that more than 700 Kazakhstanis had died after
being vaccinated. Vaccinations in the republic are carried out mainly
by the Russian Sputnik V, then by Chinese drugs, and a very
insignificant part was accounted for by the experimental Kazakh
drug. On November 12, Minister Alexei Tsoi released detailed
information. According to updated data from the Ministry of Health
of the republic, from February to October, 930 deaths were
registered in Kazakhstan among the vaccinated
(https://bit.ly/3DBmsqJ). Among them, 73 deaths occurred after
the first injection, the remaining 857 - after receiving the full
dose, two injections.
Vaccination mortality:
Sputnik V - 681;
Hayat-Vax - 75;
CoronaVac - 47;
Sinopharm Sars Cov 2 - 36;
Verocell Sinopharm - 33;
Qazvac - 27;
Verocell - 2;