New revelations of media review

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New revelations of Covid-19 - media review

1) In the midst of a new outbreak of the epidemic, a symbolic
milestone has been overcome, now more vaccinated people with
severe Covid than unvaccinated people are admitted to intensive
care every day. These numbers are not the invention of individual
vaccine opponents. These are completely official data from
DREES, the statistical office of the French Ministry of Health.
So, we learn that on October 31 (the date of the latest data) 26
vaccinated against 23 unvaccinated were sent to the intensive care
unit. The same is observed with ordinary hospitalizations, writes
the journalist Le Figaro (https://bit.ly/30yGO5r) Cecile Tiber.
2) Israel's COVID-19 infection rate, known as the R number - the
average number of people each carrier of the coronavirus infects
- has risen to its highest level in two months. The R-number is
now 0.95, and a number greater than 1 indicates that the outbreak
is intensifying. However, experts say the growth does not indicate
that the downward trend in infection in Israel has reversed, but
simply indicates that the rate of decline in virus activity has
slowed down, according to Haaretz (https://bit.ly/3qP1IZa).
3) Repeated quarantines due to the global COVID-19 pandemic
have led to record rates of overweight among children, according
to The Daily Telegraph (https://bit.ly/3cqfJnP). Moreover, not only
schoolchildren suffer from this problem, but even children five
years of age and younger, the article notes. Experts warn that
obesity can lead to a range of serious diseases, from liver problems
to diabetes and even cancer, the article emphasizes.
4) An analysis of what we know of the earliest cases of COVID-19
supports the theory that the coronavirus pandemic began when the
virus was transmitted to humans from animals at the Huangan market
in Wuhan, China. Among other things, the analysis concludes that
the first case of infection was a woman who worked as a seafood
seller in the market: she became ill on December 11, 2019, reports
New Scientist (https://bit.ly/3cwsHQV).
A WHO report on the origins of SARS-Cov2, released earlier this
year, said the first person known to have had Covid fell ill on
December 8 and had nothing to do with the market. This is partly
why the report says that no firm conclusions can be drawn about
the role of the market. However, this man, a 41-year-old accountant
who lives 30 kilometers from the market, went to the hospital on
December 8 for dental problems and only developed coronavirus
symptoms on December 16, says Michael Warobay of the University
of Arizona in his analysis.