Covid conspiracy exposed!Covid was

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Covid conspiracy - exposed!

Covid was planned a long time ago. The apogee of the preparation
process for Covid fascism was the merger of bankers and doctors
into an open alliance of the World Bank and the World Health
Organization. The history of this marriage of convenience began
in 2016. The association was presented by the media as an attempt
to implement projects whose highest goal was to preserve the health
and lives of millions of people. The final re-profiling of the World
Bank took place in the spring of 2020.
After the emergence of COVID-19, the leadership of the World Bank
Group announced that the priority area of the Group's activities will
be to eliminate the consequences and mitigate the viral economic
crisis. To prove the conspiracy of doctors and banks, we turn to the
document of the World Bank on the topic of COVID-19. Document
called the World COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response
Program (https://bit.ly/2Z2mpFA).
The 60-page document is dated April 2, 2020. The title page has a
subheading from which it follows that only the first phase of the
program is described, within which 25 projects are planned to be
On March 3, 2020, the Board of Directors issued a call to the World
Bank Group to take urgent action to support member countries in
their efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council also
decided to establish a $ 12 billion COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund
to help IDA and IBRD client countries fight the global pandemic and
its aftermath.
So, on March 3, 2020, the World Bank has already used the terms
COVID-19 pandemic and global pandemic. And this is clear evidence
that people from WHO worked on the document, who were aware of
the upcoming plans of WHO. It is noteworthy that the head of WHO
uttered the phrase COVID-19 pandemic only on March 11, 2020. That
is, eight days after the meeting of the World Bank Board of Directors.
This proves that the "world behind the scenes" was preparing a show
with COVID-19 in advance. But there was an organizational failure.
The World Bank issued a pandemic statement before WHO.
There is another serious flaw in the aforementioned World Bank
report. Everyone today is worried about the question of when the
pandemic will end? Even the most inveterate pessimists promise that
covid fascism should end before the end of 2022. But they are all
wrong! On the first page of the document dated April 2, 2020, the
completion date of the first phase of the program is written - March
The same report on page 13 says that after spending $ 160 billion by
mid-2021, the World Bank will allocate another $ 180-200 billion
to fight COVID-19 over the next two years until mid-2023. Frightened
by the pandemic, countries are not bargaining over the terms of
loans and borrowings. During wars, as you know, states agree to any
conditions of the usurers. This is the main financial goal of the plan.
But that is not all.
The report (https://bit.ly/3kNCTcq) describes only the first phase,
which will last until spring 2025. Then the second phase will come.
Which will become an eternal problem for the World Bank. And
it's not so easy to get rid coronavirus pandemic - for reasons that
have nothing to do with medicine, epidemiology and virology. Since
the virus is sprayed manually by henchmen of the "world behind the
scenes". What I already wrote about earlier. But the situation has
cleared up only now.
Let me draw your attention to one more detail of the GPMB report
(the list of participants is https://bit.ly/3nrQDes). He predicts
that other pandemics are looming over the world far more dire than
COVID-19. For example, the story of the discovery of unreported
smallpox vials from Merck in Philadelphia, proof of the hand-made
epidemics to come. Many conspiracy theorists have taken note of
this warning. There is no doubt that all of these games are designed
to accelerate the Great Reboot. The plan announced in 2020 by the
President of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and the
creation of a world government. WHO, the World Bank and other
institutions of the "world behind the scenes", under the pretext of
a pandemic and an emergency, are now striving to turn supranational
institutions into a global digital dictatorship of the "Committee of
300". That is, to implement the plan adopted back in 1972.