People choose to revolt against

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People choose to revolt against Covid fascism - shocking media review

If you think it is safe to be a conspiracy journalist today, you are
wrong. Today's edition of the media review is completely devoted
to the truth about vaccines and the struggle of people for their
rights during the Covid fascism.
1) A flurry of arrests of fighters against compulsory vaccination in
Italy is taking place in Italy. Searches and arrests of members of
the telegram channel Basta Dittatura (The End of the Dictatorship),
who oppose compulsory vaccination - members of the antivaxers
community. They fought against forced vaccination certificates and
vaccinations against coronavirus. Searches took place in 16 Italian
cities: Milan, Rome, Turin, Brescia, Ancona, Cremona, Pesaro e
Urbino, Imperia, Pescara, Pordenone, Palermo, Salerno, Treviso,
Siena, Trieste, Varese. Police reprisals seized equipment and
kitchen knives Detained vaccine opponents accused of incitement
to break the law and an aggravated crime of using IT tools Basta
Dittatura was mainly involved in organizing demonstrations against
health passports, which are compulsory from 15 October for all
workers in Italy. The police investigators, arrest people who joined
this discussion group, systematically calling for an uprising
against the fascist Covid dictatorship of Prime Minister Mario
Draghi, as well as police officers, doctors, academics, journalists
and other public figures serving this political regime. The
community "Basta Dittatura" has more than 40 thousand members.
The Telegram channel is currently blocked. The minimum arrest
for defenders of civil rights and freedoms of people is three
months. The reason for it was the truthful information disseminated
by the community and harming the dictatorship of Mario Drage.
2) From the territory of the Tikhvin interdistrict hospital Russia,
an unknown person hijacked a mobile vaccination station. White
truck "GAZon NEXT" with the inscription "Medical Service"
costs four million rubles. The police are now looking for a car,
a criminal case is open, media reported (https://bit.ly/3nmaX0Q).
3) A criminal case was opened against a resident of Tula
(https://bit.ly/3HnRNj0) under the article on the use of violence
against a police officer. A citizen attacked a law enforcement
officer while trying to enter a bar without having a QR code
indicating a vaccination against COVID-19.
4)The stole of 320 doses of Sputnik V vaccine from polyclinic
2 in Nizhny Tagil, Russia was reported by the press service of
the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Sverdlovsk region
(https://bit.ly/3kFLE8f). The vaccine was in the office of the
polyclinic. There was no video surveillance and alarm in the
office, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda" with reference to a
knowledgeable source. The drug was stolen, presumably in
the evening.
5) The UK has leaked "Covid exit 2022 plan"
(https://bit.ly/3nnUxFa). Plan called Operation Rampdown.
Short summary of the plans of the "world behind the scenes":
- Part of the secret strategy for getting out of the pandemic is
called Rampdown.
- The report contains a 160-page outline and was leaked to The
 Mail on Sunday.
- At the beginning of next 2022, measures to combat coronavirus
in the UK will be sharply reduced, but it is assumed that the
pandemic will continue for at least a year (!!!).
- 37 billion pounds spent on testing and tracking the spread of
the disease over the past 2 years, was considered wasted(!!!).
- Britain will have to try for many years to live with Covid as an
"endemic" disease.
- Free testing for Covid will be canceled for everyone who
participates in the Rampdown plans. No more self-isolation when
the law ends in March. Officials are gearing up to launch a private
testing market where companies will make money, just like
at vaccines.
6) Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Maleev,
stated that (https://bit.ly/3DqIBIm): With a body mass index of 30
to 40, mortality in the 35-45 age group increases 6 times, in the
25-30 age group mortality 12 times higher than non-obese people.
The risk of hospitalization for such patients increases by 115%,
they are 70% more likely to end up in intensive care. In general,
the death rate in obese patients with COVID-19 is 45% higher."
7) The high death rate from Covid in Russia is not caused by a
virus. According to the portal (https://bit.ly/3cq30kI) Capital
News, the reason is that Russia ranks last in healthcare spending
among large countries. This has been shown by a study by the
Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. In total, the
department's experts studied data for 31 countries.
8) Virologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Anatoly Altstein, in an
interview (https://bit.ly/2YVNw59) commented on the extension
of the sanitary and epidemiological rules for the prevention of
COVID-19 in Russia until 2024. "Currently circulating and other
coronaviruses, in addition to SARS-CoV-2, they are, and will also
be in 2024 and 2028. They will always be with us now. We should
worry about this infection," the doctor said.
9) People vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine
in January and February had a 51% higher chance of contracting
the virus in July, according to a new Israeli study published in
Nature Communications (https://go.nature.com/3qHJ2dT)
those who were vaccinated in March or April, "reports The Jeusalem
Post (https://bit.ly/3chWEEh).
10) The immune system has weakened due to the pandemic and the
Covid-19 vaccination, according to the newspaper Le Figaro
(https://bit.ly/3Cpdg7A). The bronchiolitis epidemic covered France
and began earlier and faster than in previous years. The latest data
from the monitoring agency Sante publique France, operating under
the Ministry of Health, speaks for itself: of 4,100 children under
2 years old who were admitted to the emergency department for
bronchiolitis in the first week of November, 1,427 (35%) were
hospitalized, that is 3 times more hospitalized than in 2019 over the
same period.