Digital IT con continues Media

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Digital IT con continues - Media Review

1) The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) believes
(https://bit.ly/3HuiYIY) that digital financial advisory services
negatively impact clients. In the course of the study, the regulator
came to the conclusion that robots are charging customers more
than they should due to inaccurate calculation of commissions
and they also provide consumers with false information. And this
problem is not of a private nature - according to the SEC, the
algorithms did not work correctly in 130 analyzed companies.
2) In Central Asia, Facebook and YouTube promote political
censorship. Under the threat of losing tens of millions of users
and money, American social networks began to serve the interests
of post-Soviet authoritarian regimes, says journalist Emmanuel
Grinshpan in Le Monde (https://bit.ly/3CpcmYC).