Penultimate stage final conclusions The

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Penultimate stage - final conclusions

The repressive system of coercion and censorship established
over the past 1.5 years all over the planet has led many people
into confusion and a state of despair. People do not understand
why different political regimes conspired with each other,
turning their own states into digital concentration camps of the
aporheid. In this small review, based on materials published in
independent media, I will analyze in detail what happened in
the opinion of independent experts.
Many people are convinced that politicians rule the world. But
this is a deep misconception. The planet has been run by "political
foundations" under the roof of various secret clubs for at least the
last 50 years. The members of these clubs are very wealthy and
influential people. They are commonly referred to as the
"Committee of 300". It is an organization that runs global
processes on the planet. All these decades, they purposefully
prepared and went to seize power at the global level. All
spontaneous events in this world, "new technologies", "acts of
aggression", one way or another occur with the direct participation
of the "Committee of 300". The ultimate goal of their game is total
control through genetic modification, radical population reduction
and complete submission of the remnants of humanity to the will
of the "Committee of 300".
Now we are witnessing the final stage of the capture of the planet
by these vicious servants of evil spirits. The Covid-19 epidemic
and forced vaccination did not just coincide with the launch of
"Star link" satellites, the emergence of the metaverse, the
beginning of forced robotization and the introduction of the 5G
standard. All this is part of a single plan to breed a new human
hybrid: more submissive, less prone to aggression and radically
dumb compared to previous human generations.
Most of humanity, according to experts, is already irretrievably
infected with vaccines. The genetic code of people has been
changed in such a way that within 2-7 years the human race will
face an outbreak of genetic diseases, including infertility. Now
almost all people are carriers of weakened or almost absent immunity.
At the same time, as heroin addicts, they are dependent on each new
dose of the vaccine. Because if you do not inject in half a year,
the immunity will finally disappear. For this, everyone, including
children, must be subjected to genetic changes. After which some
people will die, while others will become dull. The unborn embryos
of children are being used to grow viruses that carry vertical gene
transfer with new booster doses of the vaccine.
French journalist Remy Daye and his 300 Spartans learned of these
plans. They planned to attack the "will-suppression towers" known
as 5G to stop the madness. To make people less suggestible for
propaganda. Also, Remy Daye and his associates planned to destroy
the Green Pass issuance centers and Data centers with databases on
the aporheid of unvaccinated people. But they were arrested.
Many of you have noticed that in the past 1.5 years people have
become nervous, stupid, or vice versa, with a clouded mind. The
number of psychosis, as well as obsessive states, has increased. In
fact, one can observe how humanity suddenly went mad. This is due
to the influence of the 5G will-suppression towers. By interacting
with nanochips in vaccines, certain parts of the brain and nervous
system are excited. Both with the help of 5G modems with 200
milliwatts of radiation inside smartphones, and with direct exposure
to repeaters of this network. The denser the electromagnetic field
of will suppression, the higher the concentration of madness in
a particular region.
Parallel to this, there is an imposition of ban from cash. Mass
robotization instead of able-bodied people. And the most important
thing is the creation of an artificial deficit of everything under the
guise of a struggle to preserve the climate. The "world behind the
scenes" deliberately paralyzed the planet, creating problems with
the supply of food, electricity, microcircuits. They also caused the
collapse of freight and passenger traffic, construction, coal
production. In order to cause a global conflict in order to destroy
as many people as possible and lower the quality of life of those
who remain. What is written in their 1972 "Limits to Growth" plan.
The secret bunkers of the "world behind the scenes", as well as
parts of the climate weapon, are located on Kerguelen Island in the
Indian Ocean. The island's satellite station is one of several
similar installations scattered around the planet for the purpose
of heating up the atmosphere. It is based on H.A.R.P. The task of
the climate weapon antenna system is to warm up the atmosphere
over glaciers in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. With the
aim of teraforming the planet in the interests of the "world behind
the scenes". In some reports, experts believe that it is about a
teraforming of the planet.
Facebook has a special role in this regard. Repeated reports confirm
that the social network and smartphones are systematically and
purposefully inciting hatred by promoting special aggressive
content. The fact is that people after vaccination, being under the
radiation of towers or modems of smartphones, lose critical
thinking, turning into zombies. In Germany alone, people spend
13 hours a day on social networks! Therefore, against the backdrop
of mass hysteria for any reason, thanks to Facebook's propaganda,
mass madness will grow, as well as massive hatred of people
towards each other.
Experts say that if for person is forcibly vaccinated, then he has
about 30 minutes after the injection to cut the infected tissue from
his hand. Since graphene nanocontainers do not immediately
spread throughout the body.
Ultimately, hybridized humans with altered DNA according to
"Convention on Biological Diversity" 1992, "Cartagena Protocol
on Biosafety" 2000, "Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic
Resources and the Fair and Equal Sharing of Benefits Arising
from Their Use" 2021 are no longer are humans, but are genetically
modified organisms. These creatures, according to the plan, will
either die in the near future from autoimmune diseases, or, being
suggested under the influence of 5G will-suppression towers, will
destroy themselves due to aggressive information on social networks.
To date, a lot of information has been received from various sources
about strange dreams, "fog in the head", "noises", "orders of
voices", "visions" that began after vaccination. Like viruses,
hybridizing humans with vaccines affects everyone differently.
But, judging by the experts' opinion, in any case, hybridized people
are already doomed. They will either kill themselves, or they will
die in the near future, having cleansed the planet according to the
plan of the "world behind the scenes".