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Is the French President's wife on the side of the antivaxers?

The wife of French President Macron, Brigitte held a business
lunch in a company of doctors known for anti-vaccination views,
writes the magazine Marianne (https://bit.ly/3Fj58Yf). According
to the newspaper, two doctors who publicly oppose the
government's punitive medical policy in the field of health were
invited to a meeting with the president's wife at the Elysee Palace.
This event sparked the ire of French globalists and the left.
According to the medical journal Le Generaliste, Dr. Baruka and
Kedeville were invited to the meeting. The latter became known
in January 2021 due to the authorship of the viral hashtag
#JeNeMeConfineraiPas (I will not isolate myself). Kedeville also,
along with Professor Jean-Francois Toussaint and sociologist
Laurent Muzieli, participated in the activities of the website
"Down with the Masks", launched at the end of November 2020.
They also created a YouTube channel of the same name, which
was later removed by the platform's censorship.
The question arises, why did Brigitte Macron choose these two
doctors? Although the magazine "Le Generaliste" and Guillaume
Barouk himself emphasize the unofficial nature of the meeting,
this event caused a sharp reaction from doctors and globalists, the
newspaper reports. As the publication emphasizes, at the time of
publication of the article, the press service of the Elysee Palace
did not comment on this event.
As I believe, some people began to understand that mass
vaccination with a non-working vaccine every six months carries
certain risks, including financial ones. Therefore, despite the
global censorship and the total power of the "Committee of 300",
Western public people find the courage to look for a new approach
to a way out of the covid crisis.