Facebook creates religions wars in

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Facebook creates religions wars in India for profit

Facebook ignores the results of an independent report on materials
on its resources in India, writes The Wall Street Journal
(https://on.wsj.com/30m523i). According to representatives of a
number of Indian human rights organizations, Facebook removed
from the report and did not remove from its servers many materials
marked as "dangerous".
Facebook tried to block an independent report investigating hate
speech in India, the newspaper said, citing data from several human
rights organizations. According to Ratik Asokan, an employee of
one of the organizations that provided materials for the report,
Facebook has made adjustments to the investigation. In particular,
the company changed the definition of hate speech, nullifying the
independent nature of the report. Asokan claims that Facebook
removed most of the material that his organization deemed dangerous
from the report. For example, messages containing comparisons of
Muslims with locusts, as well as materials with calls to kill
At the same time, the representative of another Indian human rights
organization, Ritumbra Manuvier, claims that most of the material
noted by the organization has not been removed from Facebook:
including a video with 40 million views, which calls for the
eradication of Islam. Manuvier also claims that representatives of
Foley Hoag demanded proof that certain materials are harmful.
According to expert Dia Kayali, Facebook did not keep Nick
Clegg's promise that the report would be independent.