Summary analysis of barnyard vaccination

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Summary analysis of barnyard vaccination - my opinion

I have a lot of information thanks to my activities as a conspiracy
journalist. Therefore, I can see the whole picture, and not with
fragments that people are fed by "Fake news". I don't want to
dramatize the situation. But this is a summary overview of the
data I received from open sources.
I have already published official data from the government of
Taiwan showing that the mortality rate from vaccine is slightly
higher than from covid. I also wrote that mortality from other
causes in vaccinated people is overestimated in Britain. In
Russian statistics, there is no "death from vaccine" option at all.
So it looks like a con.
I also wrote that as of July 23, 2021, the number of cases of
negative consequences of vaccination in the United States was
518770 according to VAERS data. More than 30% of all cases
should be attributed to severe consequences, that is, people
became disabled in 12808 cases. Complications with subsequent
hospitalization were received by 40,873 people, complications
with a continuing threat to the life of 11,198 people. 10,940
people died due to vaccinations in the United States.
I also published statistics for Argentina, where almost 15,000
people became disabled after vaccination. In the European Union,
according to the EudraVigilance system as of June 22, 2021, the
total number of cases of negative consequences of vaccination
against COVID-19 was 1,509,266, including the number of severe
cases, 753,657. That is, almost 50% of all cases of negative
consequences of vaccination. The number of deaths from
vaccinations was 15472. Since summer, detailed statistics are
no longer available to me.
Then I published information that the French vaccination passport
prescribed an eight-fold injection of the vaccine. The Prime
Minister of Canada announced 7 necessary vaccinations. I also
wrote that the effectiveness of the vaccine drops after 6 months to
13%, which leads to outbreaks of Covid every six months in all
vaccinated countries. Hope this only applies to Pfizer is naive. In
the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Health of
the Russian Federation on vaccination, it is said that once every
6 months in the context of the Covid epidemic, "Sputnik lite" must
be revaccinated.
Trent Tuomi, President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA)
warned (https://bit.ly/3ncs2do) that people will need to be injected
every 6-12 months to avoid the more deadly variants of the virus.
Tuomi noted that Australians will have to wait until 2023 to
"achieve some sort of sustainable vaccination program" that would
be similar to the annual flu shot. From 8 November, COVID booster
shots are available to all Australian adults 6 months after the
second dose. About 1.7 million people will be eligible for the
booster dose by 2022, making Australia the second country in the
world after Israel to offer booster packs for all ages. Australia
reached an 80% complete vaccination rate last week, and Prime
Minister Scott Morrison praised this as "another great milestone."
However, at the state level, only New South Wales, Victoria and
the Australian Capital Territory reached this number.
At the same time, I already wrote that Bill Gates said that vaccines
do not work. The entire vaccination program every six months serves
other purposes. This is the sale of health by subscription. Because
every six months after vaccination, there is an outbreak of the virus
due to the weakening of the vaccine. Thus, Covid is a story about
money. After the start of this man-made epidemic, 9 more
billionaires appeared in the world (https://bit.ly/3wJbcGn). And
10 more billionaires (https://bit.ly/3kvIVOD) have increased their
capital. In other words, no one is fighting the virus, they just
make money and build a digital concentration camp.
For those who think that this is nonsense, another example. The
more often you get vaccinated, the more chance you have of
becoming disabled. Simple math.