Inconvenient facts about Covid media

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Inconvenient facts about Covid - media review

Fresh news about another insane round of covid schizophrenia. 
1) In Vienna, the Fun Palast brothel has opened a vaccination
station and gives visitors a voucher for 30 free minutes in a sauna
in the company of a sex worker they like in exchange for a covid
vaccination. Sky News writes about this (https://bit.ly/3wIWrmP).
2) In Italy, minors can only be vaccinated against covid with
parental consent. A sixteen-year-old girl from Palermo received
permission from her mother, but her father was categorically against
he is an anti-vaccine. The teenager had to go to court, writes
Italy24 (https://bit.ly/3oBN0lJ). The girl's parents are divorced,
the father passed on his refusal to the child through relatives. The
lawyer sent the man an official letter, but he ignored it. Because
of this, the judge took the side of the girl, she will soon receive
the first dose of the vaccine.
3) Because of the direct threat that influenza poses - and the
increased pressure it will put on sanitary services, which are
likely to still have difficulty fighting Covid - it is doubly
important that the public agree to flu shots and Covid boosters
if offered this fall, State reported (https://bit.ly/30bP3V0). Media
calls for double vaccinations. The publication warns that when
the flu returns, it could affect more people and cause more serious
illnesses than during the normal season. The same is likely to be
true for other respiratory viruses as well. In fact, this is already
the case: recently in the UK there have been numerous reports of
particularly severe colds.
4) As the conspiracy theorists warned, problems began in the
vaccinated countries at the end of October. Despite vaccinations
going on around the world, Europe has again become the "epicenter"
of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that by February on
the continent 500,000 people could die from COVID-19, reports
CBS News (https://bit.ly/3C4gb5p) with reference to the statement
WHO. At the same time, the countries of Eastern Europe, including
Russia and Ukraine, have the hardest time.
5) The Ministry of Health of Ukraine disposed of 500,000 doses of
the dangerous vaccine AstraZeneca, which causes thrombosis due
to its expiration date. As reported by the First Independent Channel
(https://bit.ly/3qtEOqe). The department added that information
on the exact number of overdue doses will be known after the
recalculation of drugs in the regions.
6) Observations of patients who have undergone a coronavirus
infection show that many organs and systems of the body are affected
by the disease. Therefore, rehabilitation and recovery from covid are
necessary, which will help return health to its previous level.
Detailed instructions on the problems of rehabilitation after
Covid-19 here (https://bit.ly/3n5tiiD).
7) Police in Khabarovsk, Russia have detained six local residents
who were suspected of buying fake coronavirus vaccination
certificates. According to Interfax (https://bit.ly/3c1VDjn) with
reference to the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, the detainees
paid money to get a certificate of vaccination, but not to do the
injection itself.