SHOCK!tens of thousands of

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SHOCK! Video: tens of thousands of migrants storm the EU border from Belarus

The conspiracy journalists, that is, myself included, were again
right. We have already said here that the columns of migrants are
an organized element of a hybrid war against the West. On
November 7-8, shocking video frames were received from the
border of Belarus with Poland. Tens of thousands of illegal
migrants in an organized paramilitary column are going to storm
the Polish border. And the venal leftist "Fake News" won't show
you that! This is happening right now. The European Union is
undergoing an asymmetric military invasion with the support of
the communist dictatorship of Lukashenka. Among illegal
migrants, as experts write, members of terrorist organizations
are seen. With slogans of a radical Islamic character. They have
expensive smartphones, clothes, equipment. They are prepared to
invade Germany and Poland. They look very good. Eyewitnesses
on social networks report that many are armed with melee weapons
and are ready to kill. They don't look like hungry people fleeing
the war. They all look like militants. Among them are women and
children shouting the slogan "Allah akbar!"
Be warned, the video shocks the people of Germany and Europe.
Video of tens of thousands of migrants on the road to the border
right now.
Also, the number of flights per day from Arab countries to Minsk
(the capital of Belarus) will increase to 40 aircraft per week. If
there are 200 passengers on each plane. That on average 8000 people
will stay in Belarus a week. And this is only from the Arab
Russian media, as well as residents of Belarus, reported
(https://bit.ly/31ANyjH) that the citizens of the country received
SMS about the need to get vaccinated because of illegal immigrants.
Since they are all infected with Covid-19. Please share this
information with your friends in Europe.