Electric scooter a tool for

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Electric scooter - a tool for population control

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation began
checking the incident (https://bit.ly/3GXic6Z) in the center of
Moscow, when an unknown person hit an elderly woman on an
electric scooter.
She is now in the hospital with serious injuries. A resident of 
Anapa said in an interview with a local blogger that her 4-year-old
son was hit by an electric scooter in a safe pedestrian zone while
walking along the embankment. In neighboring Gelendzhik, an
electric scooter collided with a bicycle. Not only pedestrians
suffer, but also the drivers of two-wheeled infernal strollers.
Dancer of the Mariinsky Theater David Zaleev fell from a scooter
and was hospitalized in serious condition. He was put into an
artificial coma. For 9 months of 2021, electric scooters in Russia
were the cause of 416 accidents, in which 10 people died and 438
more were injured (https://bit.ly/3wkhAUa).
In addition to multiple security concerns, rental electro scooters
have been found to collect information from surrounding Wi-Fi
networks. Many have video cameras that secretly record movement
around the city. Electric scooters also collect customer metadata
and geolocation data, including from the surrounding "smart things".
There have been recorded cases of attempts to enter "smart TVs" and
other "smart home appliances" by electro "samakats". For you to
understand, electric scooters were created by the same organizations
that created Facebook, Google, and so on. Startups Bird and Lime,
Spin, Jump, Skip are among the "disruptive innovation" such as Uber
and Airbnb. They were financed by the same "world behind the scenes"
venture political funds. Electric scooter rental startup Bird raised
$ 275 million from CDPQ and Sequoia Capital. Since its founding
in 2017, the company has raised nearly $ 700 million, including its
latest round of funding. VentureBeat and TechCrunch, so in 2017,
Bird's preliminary estimate was $ 2.5 billion. According to Forbes,
and according to the results of the round, the estimate reached
$ 2.8 billion. Want to know more? Dig in the direction of the
owners of these investment funds. Ultimately, if this is an ordinary
city transport, then why does it need so many espionage functions?