World behind the scenes threatens

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World behind the scenes threatens again - media review

Before Billy Gates had time to express his threats to the world,
a wave of similar threats from other influential participants in
the "world behind the scenes" passed through the regional media.
It looks like the roles of the "prophets of the apocalypse" for
these people are divided by regions of the world.
1) In the post-covid period, Europe is threatened by a huge scale
of migration, which is directly related to global climate change
said to Haqqin (https://bit.ly/2ZXG5Ll), former diplomatic adviser
to the Italian president, ex-Italian ambassador to Russia Antonio
Zanardi. According to his forecasts, as a result of global warming,
poor countries will become even poorer, there will be massive
impoverishment, a food crisis will break out, all kinds of conflicts
and wars will break out. As a consequence, this will trigger an
unprecedented migration. Italy is already experiencing the dire
consequences of the influx of migrants, he said.
2) According to (https://bit.ly/3o2Vsdp) Ismahane Eluafi, Chief
Scientist of The Food and Agriculture Organization, the pandemic
has brought a rapid increase in hunger in the world, which will
only increase in the coming years. From 2019 to 2020, the increase
in the number of hungry people was 161 million people. All these
facts are recorded in the FAO report prepared in 2021. This is
clearly the result of a pandemic. During several rising waves of
covid, countries introduced lockdowns and farms were unable to
market their produce. Farmers were forbidden to work in their
fields, there was a huge loss in the production of agricultural
3) Hans Kluge (https://bit.ly/3ELdyag) WHO Regional Director for
Europe: The number of patients with COVID-19 is approaching
record levels again. In Europe and Central Asia, the more contagious
"delta" variant continues to spread predominantly. We are at the
next critical point for a new wave of the pandemic. Europe is again
at the center of a pandemic, as it was a year ago.
4) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson compared world leaders to
James Bond during the climate summit in Glasgow and said
(https://bit.ly/3wlQBrm) that "the doomsday machine is real."