Ghetto of vaccine is growing

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Ghetto of vaccine is growing - big media review

1) All employees of the ambulance city of Obluchye, Jewish
Autonomous Region, Russian Federation (https://bit.ly/3EJpV6L)
wrote a letter of resignation. All 15 paramedics wrote letters of
resignation due to reluctance to get vaccinated. The management
they was warned about this in advance.
2) The Ontario government says it will not move forward with the
policy (https://bit.ly/3ELaw68) of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination
for hospital workers. The province said it made its decision after
talking with hospitals and health partners about the potential impact
of a policy of this magnitude and based on "real evidence here in
Ontario and across Canada." In a statement released Wednesday
afternoon, the Ford government said it was a complex issue, but
pointed to the negative impact similar policies have had on the
health care system in British Columbia, where more than 3,000
workers have been laid off, forcing the cancellation of surgeries
and diagnostic tests.
3) On September 28, 2021, in an interview (https://bit.ly/2ZOJEms)
to Forbes magazine, one of the developers of the Sputnik V vaccine
Inna Dolzhikova confirmed the connection between the spread of
new variants of the virus and vaccination: “You need to understand
that the virus also wants to live. And if he sees that he cannot
infect us, since we have antibodies that block him, then he will
mutate to survive. He will mutate to infect us and multiply."
4) The creator of the Sputnik V vaccine told the Izvestia newspaper
(https://bit.ly/31oZi8N) about the development of a test that would
identify people with fake vaccination certificates. This means that
vaccinated people differ from unvaccinated people at the gene level.
5) The Greek government has introduced additional restrictive
measures for residents of the country who have not been vaccinated
against coronavirus. According to local media
(https://bit.ly/2Yfiuom), Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris spoke
about this decision. All unvaccinated workers in the public and
private sectors will undergo two weekly coronavirus tests per week
at their own expense, only those who have a vaccination certificate
and a negative test for Covid, or a certificate of sick during the
past, will be able to visit banks, hairdressers and other public
places after 6 months of coronavirus. The fine for non-compliance
with the established measures is doubled to 5,000 euros, and the
institution is closed for 15 days.
6) The multimedia holding RBC Russia faced a popular attack by
opponents of forced vaccination on social networks after the
publication of a survey on the need for compulsory restrictions on
citizens without vaccination. This was announced by the head of
the combined editorial board of RBC Petr Kanaev
(https://bit.ly/3bEgPfh) on Facebook.
7) The State Duma of Russia proposes to extend compulsory
genomic registration to everyone. After the introduction of genomic
expertise for migrants, it should be extended to all citizens of the
Russian Federation, says Anatoly Vyborny, Deputy Chairman of the
State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption. Today in
Russia, those convicted of grave and especially grave crimes, as
well as for any crimes against sexual inviolability, are required to
undergo genomic registration. The database also includes the genetic
data of unidentified persons and unidentified bodies seized during
the investigation. Reported by the agency Regnum.