The truth about the covid

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The truth about the covid concentration camp - a large press review

Another global review of mass psychosis and plans of the "world
behind the scenes" from all over the planet.
1) Australia, after 5 quarantines and total vaccinations, the
authorities announced that the coronavirus is forever and decided
to introduce the 6th consecutive lockdown. Along the way, they
demanded that workers and builders be vaccinated and stay at
home without a paycheck. According to local media reports
(https://bit.ly/3BGAuWq), it all began with local builders banned
from using kitchens and even heating food. Builders in Australia
are about 20% of the employed. After the ban on using kitchens,
builders took to the streets to eat. Then the government closed
the construction sites. In response, the proletariat attacked the
builders' union, and then went out to rallies asking who would
feed their families. In the case when a certain number of people
die after vaccination. Some Australians did manage to break the
Twitter censorship blockade and reveal that about 20,000 people
died from vaccines as of September 19. The original post has been
removed by global censors everywhere. The news has been removed
from all news sites. But criticism of the news persisted
(https://bit.ly/3mBsIsx), where 20000 deaths confirmed.
2) In the Sverdlovsk region, Russia, someone fired from a shotgun at
an infectious diseases hospital, as well as a car of an intensive care
doctor. The incident took place in the city of Asbestos. According
to preliminary data, the bullet hit the oxygen distribution. Only by
a miracle the explosion did not occur, local residents say. Ren-TV
3) In the laboratories of Gdansk in Poland, they began to test the
Ukrainian vaccine against COVID-19 based on yeast, the Ukraine 24
TV channel reported. It is reported that the vaccine is planned to be
released in the form of tablets and spray. The vaccine was developed
by scientists from the Lviv Institute of Cell Biology.
4) The German Ministry of Health announced on Twitter, citing the
"Immunization Ordinance" (die Impfverordnung) that everyone will
be vaccinated. Even people with HIV.
5) US flight attendants complain about the increase in the number
of conflicts on board aircraft during the pandemic, reports Insider
(https://ru.rt.com/Iuvx4). According to airline employees, the main
reasons for the exacerbation of the problem are the unwillingness of
passengers to wear masks during the flight.
6) A video (https://bit.ly/3nQYVLX) from Australia reports that
military personnel are trained to walk from door to door and
forcibly vaccinate every person in the country at gunpoint. Soldiers
are also trained to chase and grab anyone  at gunpoint who tries
to escape into the nearby forest or other areas.
7) The British Prime Minister said (https://bit.ly/3mGU1Sl) that it
would be need to "feed people to animals." In response to the
initiative, Steele suggested that a vote be held later to see if there
were any. Johnson's statement was commented on by his spokesman
"I think that most people took the statement the way it was intended
 - it should not be taken seriously," the source explained.
8) British Medical Journal BMJ (https://bit.ly/3EHU6v6) has revealed
the dirty secrets of the Pfizer Covid vaccine trials. The whistleblower
was fired for reporting this to the FDA. A regional director who
worked for research organization Ventavia Research Group told BMJ
that the company falsified data, recruited non-placebo patients, used
inadequately trained vaccinators, and slowly tracked adverse events
reported in the main Phase 3 trial of the Pfizer vaccine. The quality
assurance staff were overwhelmed by the extent of the problems they
discovered. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of this, Regional
Director Brooke Jackson emailed a complaint to the US Food and
Drug Administration (FDA). Later that day, Ventavia fired him.
Jackson provided BMJ with dozens of internal company documents,
photographs, audio tapes, and emails.