s end of the world

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Maya's end of the world was miscalculated not correct

We live in the end times. Civilization is heading into the abyss.
Our world is dying. An epidemic is raging, we are on the verge
of a nuclear war, massive man-made disasters, crowds of migrants
are looking for food. Satanic prophets appear in the world, who
are immediately arrested and killed by the authorities. All of this
people expected in 2012. But it turns out that the calculations
were wrong. The beginning of the end of the world happened
between 2020 and 2021. No one doubts that we are living in the
process of the end of the world.
I found a strange article (https://bit.ly/3pW67Jh) from March 11,
2019. Where it is indicated that the Mayan calendar was is not
correctly calculated. An anonymous author writes: "December 21,
2012 is the date of the usual winter solstice, it does not look like
the end of the world. But what if there was just a confusion with
the numbers, and they did not mean 2012, but, for example, 2020?
After all, it was December 21 The Great Conjunction will take
place in 2020, the last time this happened on a global scale 200
years ago. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will pass into the
sign of Aquarius, changing elements. Now all events of a
socio-political nature will be more rapid, airy, innovative. The
real Age of Aquarius is coming, we can say only next year!
Therefore, most likely, it was precisely the date of December 21,
2020 that was meant - and as we understand, no end of the world
will have to wait. But our life will change: the world will no
longer be as materially oriented as it was for the last 200 years, it
will change - and we hope for the better."
The Age of Aquarius "The Committee of 300" calls a new era when
they will seize power in the world. How did the anonymous author
know that the world will change radically in 2020? Where does this
reliable information come from? This is not fiction. This is an old
article. You can check the source in the Web Archive. She has been
there since 11 March 2019. An ancient prophecy has come true. No
one can say that 2021 is better and does not differ from 2019. The
end times are closer than ever.