Arrests of conspiracy theorists in

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Arrests of conspiracy theorists in Russia

1) A resident of Nizhny Novgorod was sentenced to 12 years in
prison (https://bit.ly/31hQLEL) of freedom after he posted a
message on the social network about the coronavirus and against
QR codes and wearing masks. In the message, the man demanded
an end to the terror of citizens with vaccines, the press service of
the regional FSB of Russia reports. The text of the message was
deleted and not published anymore in media.
2) 2) Journalist Alexander Pichugin was convicted of disseminating
information about the coronavirus. At the beginning of last year, he
wrote about the mass gathering of citizens in the Diveyevo monastery
for a religious holiday. The man described the event as a "planned
campaign to infect the population" with COVID-19.
3)In Nizhny Tagil, a man was arrested for six days
(https://bit.ly/3pVpWjV). First, an administrative protocol was
drawn up against the man for not wearing a mask in the store. The
materials was sent to the Leninsky Court of Nizhny Tagil. At the
Court House the man again appeared without a mask.
4) The court ruled to arrest ex-opera singer Vadim Cheldiev
(https://bit.ly/3jPCllH) for two months in April 2021. The man was
accused of spreading false information on the situation with the
coronavirus. The activist was also fined 75,000 rubles.