Revolution against G and vaccines

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Revolution against 5G and vaccines foiled in France?

French accomplices of the "world behind the scenes" brutally
arrested the famous independent journalist of conspiracy theories,
Remy Daiet. He was have plans to overthrow the Macron regime
and destroy 5G towers. According to the French regime, Daye
organized a community of 300 people from all over the country.
The regime's General Directorate of Internal Security claims to
have thwarted an attempted coup. According to them, freelance
journalist Remy Daye was planning to seize the official residence
of the French regime - the Elysee Palace. Why is it not clear. This
was reported by Le Parisien (https://bit.ly/3EumvEO).
The accomplices of the "world behind the scenes" obviously
fabricated the case. This is not the first time that the"world
behind the scenes" has eliminated especially dangerous independent
journalists. The journalist is accused of informing people about the
dangers of vaccines, dishonest taxes, as well as the uselessness of
medical masks and the dangers of 5G towers.
In April 2021, Daye tried to stop the "world behind the scenes" in
France. He sent out notices to the deputies, which said that it was
time for reckoning. In June, Daye was arrested in Malaysia on
charges of kidnapping an eight-year-old girl. This is about the same
story as the rape of Julian Assange. An old  trick by "world behind
the scenes". Three months later, the former deputy was accused of
terrorism and conspiracy to seize power. The investigation became
aware of Daye's connections with the independent party "Honor and
Nation", which planned to liquidate the Masonic lodge in the city
of Alsace. As well as the destruction of human chipping centers with
vaccines and the destruction of 5G towers. According to the
accomplices of the "world behind the scenes", allegedly Daye had 300
associates. But, as you can imagine, nobody saw them. Remy Daye's
lawyer Jean-Christophe Basson Larbi denied any terrorism charges
against his client. According to him, the former deputy called for" the
peaceful and popular overthrow of the existing political system
within the framework of exercising his freedom of expression and
Obviously, of course. The indenpendent journalist nearly thwarted
plans for a "world behind the scenes" in France. He was able to draw
people's attention to the illegal actions of the Masons and globalists.
But, unfortunately, he did not underestimate the scale of the threat.
Most likely Remy Daye will be killed.