Havana Syndrome a prototype of

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Havana Syndrome - a prototype of nanochips for a vaccine

Today I want to talk about non-lethal weapons based on nanochips.
This is an old topic, described back in the early 90s in Toffler's
book "War, Antiwar". The purpose of non-lethal weapons of sabotage,
suppression of the enemy's morale, as well as sabotage of the work
of people. How does this technology work? The principle of non-
lethal weapons for sabotage is based on nanochips, like those used
in vaccines. Only they are not created from graphene oxide, but from
more primitive molecular sets. Non-lethal weapons based on nanochips
can be divided into two types. Sonic weapons and wave weapons. Sonic
weapons use ultrasound to activate nanochips in the enemy's body. A
wave weapon uses a predetermined electromagnetic frequency and
signal to strike a victim. Research in this direction has been
carried out for a very long time. The main task for military
engineers was the delivery of nanochips to the human body. The fact
is that it is not always possible to infect the victim with a sufficient
number of nanochips or deliver them to the desired place in the
body. Therefore, special services practice such infection methods as
smart dust. Respiratory way of infecting the victim. As well as
infection through food or through medical procedures.
The properties of molecules can be programmed so that they are 
deposited in specific tissues of the body. Graphene oxide chips from
modern vaccines are deposited inside cells. The old chips used in
Havana Syndrome are deposited exclusively outside the cells. Since
their task is to inflict non-lethal damage. These nanochips, getting
into the victim's body, are activated and at a certain sound
frequency begin to vibrate or heat up. They creating terrible pain
and other sensations in the human body. Electromagnetic chips also
heat up inside the body or release sharp thorns, causing terrible
suffering. But both those and other nanochips are removed from the
body over time. Because their goal is not murder, but sabotage.
Therefore, some people suffered from the "Havana syndrome", while
others did not. Since some diplomats were infected with nanochips,
while others were not. And therefore, the sound effect did not have
the desired effect.
Now, regarding the graphene oxide-based nanochips from vaccines.
As you know, the human body shields and absorbs electromagnetic
radiation. Consequently, electromagnetic nanochips are very
difficult to control and activate inside the body. But the "world
behind the scenes" has found a solution. They use cell towers to
control the chipped people. You've probably noticed that many of
the vaccinated people around you suddenly start acting insane. Then,
just as suddenly, they become fully adequate. This is a consequence
of the action of irradiation of nanochips in their bodies. Thanks to
the new towers of the mobile Internet, the "world behind the scenes"
can easily change the mood of people in a certain region. Of course,
a 5G network is ideal for this. Since the density of repeaters of
this standard is very high. But other standards are also suitable
for activating nanochips in human bodies.
All that is needed is sufficient signal strength. Thus, the "world
behind the scenes" can easily control the mood of people through
the towers. They can make people sad, through a depressive field, or
vice versa, madly people happy. They can make people be passive or
active. This is a very primitive technology, but very effective. You
will also see how spontaneous conflicts will begin in the regions
with the maximum vaccination for which, at first glance, there will
be no reason. Cities will rise and riots will break out. People will
start killing each other without any prior history of the conflict.
All this is part of the action of non-lethal weapons embedded in
the Covid-19 vaccines. Wait friends. The end is near.