Germany has left our reality

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Germany has left our reality

Shocking news has been coming from Germany lately. The average
time spent on social networks and smartphones is 11.5 hours, and
Germans spend another 2.5 hours watching TV. Total 14 hours a
day! This is how much the average German person spends time
outside the real world. Considering that the average person sleeps
8 hours a day. For Germans have only 2 hours a day for awakening,
transport and shopping. These studies were carried out by Forsa,
commissioned by Seven One Media. Germany has the most insane
Covid-19 policy. It seems that the main goal of this policy is
precisely to separate people by using QR codes and Green Pass. In
such shock conditions, people were made hostages of social media.
The corporations of the "world behind the scenes" receive billions
of dollars in profits, while the economy, infrastructure and mental
health of the people of this country is degrading.