Human sacrifice to Vaccine Media

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Human sacrifice to Vaccine - Media Review

1) You can safely call plans to vaccinate children against
coronavirus - madness. But this is if you look at her from
a medical point of view. And if you look at it from the
standpoint of morality, then the plans of the vaccinators
look like a real sacrifice. This opinion was expressed to
the "Public News Service" (https://bit.ly/3FWLgv4),
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vladislav
Shafalinov. "I believe that vaccinating children against
coronavirus infection is crazy," Shafalinov said. "Firstly,
children do not get Covid. At least not so often, not so
hard. I am absolutely sure that an asymptomatic person
cannot be a carrier of infection. And about six months ago,
WHO"stated this and "smart guys" from the Ministry of
Health and other departments.
2) Former Chief Scientist and Vice President of Pfizer,
Dr. Michael Yedon (https://bit.ly/3nmm5d1) has made
serious allegations against worldwide coronavirus policies
that serve very different interests. The development and
deployment of repetitive and forced mRNA vaccines goes
from the pharmaceutical company's computer screen into
the hands of hundreds of millions of people, [injecting]
some extra genetic sequence for which there is absolutely
no need or justification. Why are they doing this? With no
noble cause in sight, the use of vaccine passports coupled
with a "bank reset" could lead to a totalitarianism the world
has never seen before. Over the past year, I've realized that
my government and its advisers are lying in the eyes of the
British people about everything related to this coronavirus.
Absolutely everything. This misconception is the idea of
asymptomatic transmission of the virus and that you have
no symptoms, but you are the source of the virus. They lie
that lockdowns work, that masks are obviously protecting
you or someone else, and that these strains are a terrible
thing, and we even need to close the borders in case these
threatening strains come from outside.
I have no doubt that very significant influencers around the
world are either planning to take advantage of the next
pandemic or have created this pandemic. One of these two
things is true, because the reason it must be true is because
dozens and dozens of governments tell the same lies and do
the same ineffective things that are clearly taking lives. I think
the ultimate goal is that "everyone gets the vaccine." When they
do, every person on the planet will be given a name, or a
unique digital identifier, and a health label that says "vaccinated"
or not. And whoever owns this single database, centrally
managed, used everywhere for control, for granting, so to speak,
privileges, you can either cross this particular threshold, or
make some kind of transaction, regardless of what the
controllers of this a unified database of the human population.
And I think this is the whole point, because as soon as you get
the vaccine, we become toys, and the world can be the way
those who control this database want it to be.