Two minutes reading fake news

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Two minutes reading fake news spoil the mood

Psychologists from the University of Essex have found
(https://bit.ly/2YRw8xW) that just two to four minutes of
reading or listening to negative news about the pandemic
is enough to dramatically ruin your mood. News about
coronavirus with a positive context - for example, mutual
help or recovery - does not negatively affect emotional
well-being. Scientists came to such conclusions after two
studies. In the first, volunteers had to read the news about
Covid on Twitter. In the second, watch videos on YouTube
in which bloggers commented on the chronicle of the pandemic.
In both cases, the study participants began to feel worse, in
contrast to the volunteers in the control group, which was
shielded from the news. This study proves once again that fake
news about vaccines and pandemics are created to keep society
under stress. The entire Covid-19 epidemic from start to finish
is a "global behind-the-scenes" media project aimed at taking
over the world. Because, the truth about Covid-19 and vaccines
is being hidden by fake news media groups. As you know, social
media censorship allows you to publish only approved by
"world behind the scenes" news about the pandemic. Since
alternative honest news does not cause nervous breakdowns and
psychosis in people.