Five Reasons The Tok generation

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Five Reasons The Zoom/Tik-Tok generation do not hire

The report was published in Russia by representatives of retail
chains in a number of popular entertainment media. This note
is a review based on several publications. I think this is the
best example of how much social media has crippled the
psyche of teenagers.
1) Zoomer's and Tik-Toker's find work in shop shameful and
disgraceful. They are embarrassed to work at the cash register.
Due to the fact that acquaintances come to the store. This is
because all communication takes place on social media. Zoomer's
lacks real-life communication skills. They cannot contact living
people; communication in reality causes shock and stress. At best,
they can only work in a warehouse.
2) Zoomer's and Tik-Toker's are dumb and infantile. They are not
particularly distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity. They want
to make money like Instagram stars for their antics on a smartphone
camera and stupid posturing. Working in a store cannot give them
that kind of income. Although they believe that they deserve a lot
of money, only for their very existence in this world.
3) Zoomer's and Tik-Toker's are mentally unstable. They are not
able to work in one place. At the same time, they cannot focus on
one thing. They quit companies more often than any other employee.
Moreover, they do it unpredictably, for example, via SMS. Because
they are very touchy, hysterical and think that the world revolves
around them. Any stress causes them to have fits of hysterics. They
take everything personally.
4) Zoomer's and Tik-Toker's are unteachable. They cannot learn to
work on new equipment, since any mental activity is difficult for
them. This is also the reason why employers are reluctant to accept
zoomer's into the company.
5) Zoomer's and Tik-Toker's constantly cry, whine, complain. In any
unexpected work situation, they develop panic attacks and tremors.
By and large, zoomer's are incapable of leading real social life in the
real world. They are unadapted to anything.