New Caribbean Crisis US Navy

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New Caribbean Crisis

US Navy Chief of Operations Admiral Michael Gilday on Tuesday
began his 5-day visit to India, meeting with his Indian counterpart,
Admiral Karambir Singh, Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin
Rawat and other senior government officials. Gildei's trip takes
place during the second phase of the Malabar exercise, which is
being held in the Bay of Bengal jointly by the navies of India, the
United States, Japan and Australia. Asked what the US intends to
do to counter the aggressive modernization of China's navy, Gilday
said the Americans would not try to outperform it, but partners such
as India in the region would be key to ensuring stability in the
Indian Ocean region. Given the importance of the region, he said,
60% of the US Navy's forces are now in the Indo-Pacific. Let me
remind you that on September 5, 2021, the world was announced
the creation of a defense alliance between Australia, Great Britain
and the United States, called AUKUS, and aimed at curbing China's
great geopolitical ambitions. India is not formally included in this
bloc, nevertheless, it is included in it through the long-standing
economic bloc QUAD. Thus, the strongest economies in the world
are lining up against China and the further development of events
will resemble a chess game.