The universe had no beginning

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The universe had no beginning

According to a study by a group of physicists from Denmark, carried
out with the help of the Large Hadron Collider, the first matter in
the Universe - during 0.000001 seconds of the Big Bang, was a
quark-gluon plasma. In all modern physical theories, space and time
are continuous. They form the smooth fabric underlying all reality.
But there is another point of view, representing space-time in the
form of separate segments or "atoms". In this case, there is always
a gap between the two closest events.
The theory of causal sets cleverly gets rid of the singularity problem,
because it says that matter cannot be compressed indefinitely - it
cannot become smaller than the size of the "atom" of space-time.
In other words, singularity is not exist. Bento and his colleague
Stav Zalel of Imperial College London viewed the events of the Big
Bang in terms of causal sets. "In the original formulation and
dynamics of causal sets, from the classical point of view, causal
sets grow out of nothing into the Universe we know. In our work,
there is no Big Bang as a beginning, since causal sets stretch into
the past without end, and there is always something, what happened
before, "Bento said.