Terror against white students in

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Terror against white students in the United States

This material appeared and was immediately removed from a number
of Russian news sites as extremist. The global censorship machine
works non-stop.
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This is a short synopsis - an overview of a lot of political material.
For several weeks now (since the end of September 2021), the
mainstream US media has been jammed with articles harshly
criticizing student fraternities and sororities. A wave of violent
leftist demonstrations has swept across student campuses demanding
a ban on student associations at universities. Leftists are not happy
with the existence of university communities. The thing is that the
academic performance of members of the "fraternities" is much
higher than that of ordinary peers. They receive higher education
degrees on average 20% more often than other students. Thus, among
the graduates who belonged to the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity alone,
there are 17 US presidents, 38 Supreme Court justices, 136 Nobel
laureates. In general, 85% of members of the Supreme Court, 63%
of presidents, 76% of senators and 85% of directors of the largest
enterprises were members of fraternities.
But in spite of their academic successes, today the brotherhoods
have come under a severe blow from the "world behind the scenes".
Regional publications and giants like the New York Times and
Cronicle were also crammed with criticism. Left-wing militants
associated with the BLM and MeToo movements have launched mass
protests on campuses demanding the complete elimination of the
fraternities. Leftists media devote their stories to topics such as the
death of a 19-year-old student from whiskey poisoning at a fraternity
party at the University of Virginia, the brothers violation of
legislation, sexual harassment of drunk girls, and drug use during
on parties. Completely ignoring the fact that these problems are
typical for any student body in general, and not only for members
of "brotherhoods". The media persecutes exclusively "white" students
and praises the "colored" brotherhoods in every possible way.
Popular student newspaper The McGill Daily published an article
(https://bit.ly/2YQqah9), in which she accused all student
fraternities of "whites" of all conceivable and inconceivable sins,
with an emphasis on "homophobia".
Since 2020, the harassment of fraternities has continued at
Northwestern University, Illinois. Their members were accused of
racism, homophobia, sexism and harassment on social media. And the
other day, activists laid siege to (https://bit.ly/3v5IzCc) dormitories
of student societies and pelted them with eggs. At the same time,
bullying (https://bit.ly/3lAd681) developed at the University of
Massachusetts. Activists are staging sit-ins there and circulating
petitions demanding that the student community be banned.
The protests of left-wing fanatics also covered
(https://bit.ly/3ADEkik) Eastern Michigan University, where the
"brothers" were accused of ten rapes, allegedly committed by them
from 2015 to 2020. A similar situation is developing in many states:
Alabama (https://bit.ly/3iYrVzI), New Jersey (https://bit.ly/3AGuv3g),
Maryland (https://bit.ly/3p0jace), Florida (https://bit.ly/3BGqa1n),
Iowa, Nebraska (https://nyti.ms/3BDGwrH).
No facts of rape or drug use by members of the fraternities, except
for rumors, were provided. The leftists also accuse the representatives
of student societies of popularizing a "cult of violence". The goal is to
eliminate fraternities in the United States. The fact that blacks in the
United States, as a percentage, commit rape almost three times more
often than white men, no one remembers. An aggressive imposition of
mores is underway in the United States, transforming the United
States into a country of dictatorship of communist minorities. And
discrimination against the white majority is gradually becoming an
element of the new "world order." The United States faces the fate of
South Africa and Zimbambwe.