shoot to manure from a

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"Greens" shoot to manure from a plasma cannon

The Greens have completely gone mad. According to the BBC,
a strange experiment is being carried out on a farm in
Buckinghamshire, UK, where a lot of cow dung has accumulated.
Using "artificial lightning" made from a plasma charge - a
superheated stream of atoms that can destroy molecules - scientists
are trying to rid cow feces of the most harmful components.
Analysis has already shown that the treatment of manure with
plasma is successful, the ammonia has been destroyed and turned
into pure nitrogen. This is another plus for farmers, as the nitrogen
used in the fields in the slurry is a good fertilizer. According to a
BBC report, the treatment is so efficient that it can convert 90% of
the ammonia to nitrogen. This will supposedly help combat air
pollution in urban areas. The fact is that ammonia, when released
into a busy urban environment, reacts with other air pollutants,
creating toxic combinations that can have serious consequences
for human health.