Elites keep turning off the

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Elites keep turning off the world

Last week (September 4-10, 2021), there were many key events
that make it clear that the enemies of humanity - the heads of
secret organizations are testing failures in the work of banking
systems, as well as mobile communication applications. And
this is a continuation of the series of events described in the
"Why the "world behind the scenes" did stop the planet?"
Since the beginning of the month, large-scale failures of banking
systems have occurred in 7 countries on 5 continents. People
could not pay for utilities, receive a salary, make money transfers,
as well as pay off loans. On Tuesday, New Zealand's largest bank
Kiwi was shut down due to a DDos attack on the servers of the
country's 3rd largest provider. Commonwealth BANK and ANZ
BANK were disabled behind it. Let me remind you that the secret
bunkers of the elites are located in New Zealand.
On September 12, the largest bank in Mexico, Santander, was shut
down. The crash continued for a week. Before that, at the end of
July, the largest British banks Lloyds BANK, HSBC, Tesco BANK,
BANK of Scotland, Halifax, Barclay collapsed allegedly due to a
global shutdown. In Japan, on September 30, Mezuho BANK, one
of the largest banks in the country, experienced its eighth consecutive
global failure. At the end of April 2021, the largest bank in South
Africa, Standart bank, also experienced a global outage.
I have already warned that sabotages in transport and communications
will grow. Southwest Airlines canceled at least 1,800 flights over the
weekend, citing "bad weather" and air traffic control problems.
Although it is practically known that vaccinated pilots are not able to
normally fly passenger and combat aircraft. They can no longer
tolerate overloads. And unvaccinated pilots cannot be used.
So the chronology of events is as follows: the elites created a virus,
introduced quarantine, chipping people via vaccines, introduced total
control over the movement of people (Green Pass), bought up transport
and energy companies, then staged a crisis in transport and energy,
then tested the shutdown of social networks, banks, communications. 
The end result of all these experiments will be an instant stop of the
whole world and the beginning of a new world order.