Pfizer secretly chips people new

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Pfizer secretly chips people - new proof

The shocking truth was tweeted on October 6, 2021. But unfortunately
the message was deleted by the censorship https://t.co/xZJoNiw4Ua
It turned out that Pfizer has long ago patented a system for
connecting people to the Internet of Things.
Patent link here: https://bit.ly/3AqHF4r
A copy of the patent is in the Digest's documents section for case
of deletion. Why is this news important? The fact is that since the
discovery of graphene crystals inside the vaccine, independent
journalists and researchers have tried to understand what this is for.
The main idea was that with the help of graphene, chips are
controlled inside a person through 5G networks. And just recently,
there was evidence of this. Pfizer patent for human chipping.
Messages about  this evidence were instantly removed from all
social networks spreading fakes about vaccines (Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube).
It looks like the Pfizer patent is about some method of data
transmission based on integration into human tissues and organs.
These are not classic smartphones with Wi-Fi, some kind of
smartwatches with sensors or pacemakers. No. Most of all, the
description of the devices is suitable for Wigner crystals.
A Wigner crystal is a special state of matter, similar to fractal
patterns, each time changing its shape under the influence of
acoustic waves. Such structures arise in an electron gas, as a
result of which the carrier material forms a crystal. And in the
course of this process, the crystal exhibits different properties.
They allow the crystal to be converted into two-dimensional
electronic circuits. Physicists have been working on Wigner
crystals since the 1970s, but there are few publications on the
topic. The main breakthrough in this area was graphene. It is in
it that Wigner crystals are formed. This requires a certain charge
to be applied in order to form a two-dimensional crystalline scheme
of graphene inside. For example, in the form of a ready-made
single-board neuroimplanted computer.
The beauty of this technology is that the crystal is not visible!
Due to the fact that the integrated circuit is formed not from
silicon, but from graphene molecules. Each individual component
of graphene is nothing. And when researchers see it, they don't
understand its purpose. But when a person comes under the
influence of the 5G field with a certain signal, the graphene
molecules line up in the right sequence inside the person, forming
a Wigner crystal. Thus, the meaning of vaccination is for the human
body to become a receiver of radio signals tied to 5G networks.
This makes it possible to control the movement of people with an
assigned unique ID, as well as at any time allows you to control the
mood of the victim. Or kill a person remotely. This technology laid
the foundation for a new world order.