Prohibition of doubt!Crytical review

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Prohibition of doubt! Crytical review

1) YouTube IT Cartel Will Stop Monetizing Climate Change
denying Content. This will concern the topics of global warming
and the impact of greenhouse gases and human activities on the
climate. Also, according to the new rules, climate change cannot
be viewed as cheating or fraudulent. The company announced
this in a published document. "We are announcing a new
monetization policy for advertisers, publishers and YouTube
creators that will prohibit advertising and monetization of content
that is contrary to scientific consensus about the existence and
causes of climate change. YouTube" Content will be checked
both by algorithms and manually. The company promised that
it will carefully consider all complaints in order to find out
whether a false statement was filed as fact or in the context of
a discussion.
2) Facebook user Louis Barclay developed the Unfollow
Everything browser extension, which allowed one-click to
completely clear the news feed on the social network. In 2020,
he published a download tool in the Chrome Store, after which
Facebook demanded to disable the extension, and the user was
permanently blocked. He reported this in Slate Magazine. The
IT cartel said the expansion threatened the company's profits.
The program on CBS News reported that the number of views
and clicks on ads, on which the platform's revenue depends,
depends on the time spent on Facebook. According to Barclay,
it is the news feed that makes users spend hours on social
networks, and clearing it returns "a sense of control over their
Facebook's behavior isn't just anti-competitive, it's 
anti-consumer. We are being taught the platforms we need
and then prevented from making legitimate choices about how
we use them - not only by removing tools like Unfollow
Everything, but also through manipulative designs and features.
Said developer Louis Barclay. 
3) Wikipedia has once again been disgraced by the low level of
quality of materials. Russian researcher Anatoly Shirokoborodov
found that Wikipedia systematically removes sources of all
non-Western magazines and encyclopedias when beneficial
Wiki-owners. They are being replaced by publications from
Western scientific journals and materials from major media
outlets. Basically, of course, of the leftist (neo-Marxist) wing.
Therefore, it is not surprising that sovereign states, realizing
the danger of ideological work by Wikipedia, are trying to
intercept the initiative of filling its custom articles. Or they
simply prohibit the IT cartel on their territory. Concluded the