Slave Genetic Map In it

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Slave Genetic Map

In 2019, it became known about the creation of a genetic map,
which is the next step in solving the issue of predictability of
the human gene pool. In other words, it is a new form of
communist/nazi eugenics for breeding a new kind of
"perfect man". In March 2019, in Russia, President Putin
signed a decree "On the fundamentals of state policy of the
Russian Federation in the field of chemical and biological
safety until 2025." This document contains information that
in 2025 Russia will begin to form genetic maps of citizens,
including military personnel. It is proposed to create a
national blood serum bank and an information-analytical
system for monitoring infectious diseases. At a forum in St.
Petersburg in June 2019, Alexander Sergeev, President of the
Russian Academy of Sciences, said that "the genetic map of
military personnel is our future, because the future is a war of
intellects. That is, it is necessary to identify the predisposition
of people to a particular profession. Including the term "stress
resistance" sounded.
The genetic map will help any political regime to decide what
a person is suitable for and what is not. This is the road to a
new form of digital caste society. Valery Ilyinsky, head of the
Genotek company, said that the genetic map would not yet help
create a super-soldier. Other followers of eugenics also try to
control the biometric characteristics of a person as much as
possible. Narpimer, in Japan it is possible to make a diagnostic
map of a person in one and a half minutes, and then the artificial
intelligence in the server processes the data and makes a
diagnosis. Information about a person remains permanently in
the database and cannot be deleted. There are similar systems in
the United States, but that have nothing to do with genetics. But
there used as a marking of military personnel with nanoparticles
in an epoxy inconspicuous glue. Such a system is called DataDot
and is also used in Australia. The genetic map is the next step in
dividing society into slaves and masters. This is the path to the
Marxist-Nazi digital concentration camp. Where people will be
divided into castes, and where all relationships will be regulated
through social rating. And this is pure eugenics!
Oh sorry, progress ...