The vaccine t help the

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The vaccine didn't help the planet

Recently, a Russian epidemiologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Professor Igor Gundarov announced the results of his analytical
calculations. They are available in Russian here:
The scientist took the countries of the world, excluding from
them those in which less than 1 million people live. As a result,
228 countries were included in the sample. The doctor analyzed
the relationship between the percentage of vaccinated people and
mortality from covid per 1 million inhabitants. It turned out that,
in general, with an increase in the proportion of the vaccinated
population, mortality from covid increases.
First of all, the proportion of the vaccinated population and the
covid mortality rate in 2021 per 1 million inhabitants are related.
There is no decrease in covid mortality with an increase in the
percentage of vaccinated. That is, where zero residents were
vaccinated, 210 out of a million people died from covid in 2021,
and where 100% - 910 people. According to statistics, the
difference is 4.5 times! In many countries, where 60% of the
population or more are vaccinated, there is a large increase in
morbidity, followed by an increase in mortality (Israel, USA,
Singapore, many European countries). In addition, in many
countries, after the start of vaccination in the spring, a huge
increase in the incidence began, including in those countries
where there were almost no deaths from covid before vaccination
began. For example, in Mongolia, Vietnam, Fiji, Malaysia,
Uruguay, Sri Lanka, the Seychelles and other countries. There
almost did not die from covid within a year, and began to die
immediately after the start of vaccination. In 21 countries, the
death rate has increased from 10 to 100 times. In most
countries - several times. There are only 36 countries where
mortality has decreased. And there is no connection with
vaccination either. That is, there are few or many vaccinated
- all the same.
Thus, world statistics convincingly prove that vaccination does
not lead and probably will not lead to a decrease in mortality
from covid, or to a decrease in morbidity. For example, a new
wave of morbidity will begin in Russia by winter, which will
almost certainly be explained by a small proportion of those
vaccinated. The authorities will keep silent about the fact that
in countries with a large proportion of vaccinated people the
same thing is happening, or even worse.