Bras cause breast cancer The

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Bras cause breast cancer 

The designer Ermini Cadol named the first bra model "Comfort"
("Le Bien-etre"). However, for many women today, this piece of
underwear causes a superstitious shiver. This is evidenced by the
movement for the liberation of women no-bra ("no bra"), supported
by many public organizations. While the reasons for the decline in
bra interest are numerous and personal, some are rooted in women's
health. This stems from a 1995 study by Dr. Sydney Singer,
co-author of Dressed to Kill, in which he proved that the bra is
responsible for the formation of malignant tumors in the breasts, in
particular because it inhibits lymphatic drainage and the elimination
of toxins. as well as the movement of blood. Therefore, the use of bras
in the long term leads to serious illnesses.