Chips can infect people through

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Chips can infect people through the air

Researchers from Northwestern University in the USA, together
with colleagues from China, Korea and the UK, have developed
a micro-propeller shape that allows you to stay in the air for as
long as possible when falling from a great height, and also provides
movement control over a large area. "Our goal was to add flight
capability to small electronic systems, with the idea that this new
capability would allow us to distribute highly functional miniature
electronic devices (chips)," lead author John Rogers, who led the
research, said in a university press release, professor of materials
science and engineering, biomedical engineering and neurological
of McCormick School of Engineering and Feinberg School of
Medicine. To determine the ideal configuration, the scientists
performed full-scale digital simulations of how air flows around
the device to simulate the slow, controlled rotation of the
tristellatea semen. Based on this simulation, the authors built
miniature devices and tested them in the laboratory using advanced
visualization and quantification of flow parameters. natural
qualities. The authors have already tested devices equipped with
sensors, power supplies that harvest energy from the environment,
memory and an antenna that can transmit data wirelessly to a
smartphone, tablet or computer. In one test, they used flying
microchips to detect particulate matter in the air, and in another
to determine the pH of water vapor and measure sunlight at different