The nuclear holocaust is close

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The nuclear holocaust is close

The NewsAder channel, citing a Chinese news agency, reported
that China has begun construction of 200 silos for heavy
intercontinental ballistic missiles. Turkish President Erdogan
demanded the United States to leave the territory of Syria and Iraq.
Russian proxy forces have stepped up in Serbia and Mali. 
Coordinated tensions are observed along the entire line of contact
between democracies and dictatorships. The flow of illegal migrants
from the territory of Belarus reached 10,000 people. Against this
background, the United States announced the creation of an 
Anglo-Saxon military alliance. Together with Australia and the UK.
France and the EU generally refused to join the bloc. Since the
European Union is saturated with the interests and agents of
dictatorial regimes. Essentially by lobbyists from China and Russia,
experts say.
In light of these developments, more than 59 ships are concentrated
in the central Atlantic Ocean, south of the equator, in a non-shipping
area. They turned off automated transponders for identification. No
one can say whose ships they are and why they are going there. People
tracking marinetraffic.com were the first to notice this strange situation.
With a close approach of the satellite, it can be seen that the ships are
not chaotically located, but form something reminiscent of the
marching order of squadrons. What is the reason for this congestion
of ships and where they go is not clear. A variant is expressed about
the Chinese fleet of "trawlers", among which a certain part are not
fishing vessels. Which makes sense when waging a hybrid war against
the United States. In any case, it seems to be part of China's preparations
for World War. The fact that humanity is too close to the threshold of
nuclear destruction on September 25, 2021, UN Secretary General
Antonio Guterres announced on Twitter.
"About 14,000 nuclear weapons are stored around the world. Humanity
is still unacceptably close to nuclear destruction," Guterres said. About
what the head of the UN is trying to warn us in diplomatic language - it
is obvious. Civilization on the verge of a nuclear war. The communists
and their allies, the dictators, want to end all of Western civilization in
one swift and decisive hybrid strike within the next two years.