Cats are carriers of pneumonic

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Cats are carriers of pneumonic plague

According to statistics, 5-6 cases of plague infection are recorded
in the western United States every year. Typically, rodents and
other animals infect humans with the bubonic plague. This form
of the disease develops when the plague bacillus penetrates the skin,
that is, even with physical contact of an infected organism with a
healthy one. And the pulmonary form is less common because it is
transmitted by airborne droplets or by direct infection with unclean
hands on the mucous membranes. Despite the fact that outbreaks of
plague are often recorded in the United States, they are not the
leader in terms of incidence. In 2006, about 300 people contracted
the plague in the Republic of the Congo. At the end of 2017, a large
outbreak occurred on the island of Madagascar. And in 2019, the
center of the spread of plague was discovered in China and this news
was very much discussed. It is important to note that in the latter
case, one of the men admitted to the hospital contracted the plague
from poorly cooked rabbit meat. And this outbreak was not the only
one in recent years - in 2014, due to the death of a 38-year-old man,
the authorities even had to isolate part of the city of Humen. Despite
such a complex method of infection, it was pneumonic plague that
was recently diagnosed in a resident of Fremont, Wyoming. This is
the seventh case of plague infection in this area, and the source of the
disease was domestic cats. It is believed that animals could freely
walk in nearby areas, where the likelihood of meeting infected
rodents is very high. It is also possible that they encountered plague
fleas directly. Reported by Hi news.