Covid is not pneumonia The

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Pathologist: Covid is not pneumonia

The famous Russian pathologist and pharmacologist Alexander
Ediger shared his impressions of what he saw in the lungs of patients
with coronavirus infection. According to him, this is not pneumonia,
but a much more serious and complex lesion of internal organs. The
doctor noted that the lungs are not the primary target for the SARS-Co
V-2 virus. In patients, damage is observed not only to the respiratory
system, but also to blood cells, vascular walls, as well as the
gastrointestinal tract and other organs. The coronavirus attacks receptors
found throughout the body. In his opinion, he relies, among other things,
on the work of Chinese scientists, who previously noted that the causative
agent COVID-19 damages hemoglobin in red blood cells. Because of this,
patients develop a hypoxic syndrome. In contrast, he gives the clinical
picture of "classic" pneumonia, which is caused by viruses or bacteria.
Such pneumonia is localized only in the respiratory organs, and the
infectious process is quite limited in time and rarely leads to death. At the
same time, Ediger does not deny that as a result of pneumonia due to
insufficient supply of oxygen to the body, other systems of the human
body can be affected. But the difference lies in the causal relationship and
the specific manifestations of the disease. Ediger is a practicing physician
and specialist in the fields of medical ethics, pharmacology and toxicology.
In addition, for a long time he has been dealing with the problem of
speculation on the Russian drug market during various epidemics.
The Public News Service reported.