was created by a Briton

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Covid-19 was created by a Briton

A team of investigators from Drastic Research claims to have
uncovered 2018 documentation according to which scientists
from Wuhan were applying for a government grant with an
experiment to infect bats with the coronavirus. Drastic,
according to the organization's website, is an independent team
of expert scholars, most of whom work anonymously. From the
documents they found, it follows that just 18 months before the
official start of the pandemic, scientists proposed treating caves
with bats in Yunnan province with nanoparticles containing
"proteins of a new hybrid virus" from the category of coronaviruses
infecting bats. The goal of this experiment was to give bats
immunity from the new coronaviruses in order to prevent their
potential spread among humans. Interestingly, the author of the
tender was not a Chinese scientist, but British zoologist Peter Datsak
from the American company EcoHealth Alliance, which worked
closely with the Wuhan Institute. The team of scientists who were
going to carry out the experiment included an employee of the
institute specializing in bats, as well as several American scientists.
Also in 2020, experts found in open sources a mention of 2013
about a man working in caves who contracted a disease similar to
the SARS virus (Covid-19 belongs to the same category). Drastic
is urging the scientific community to scrutinize the possibility that
the virus was deliberately spread to humans, as the documents
found suggest, among other things, that humans are infected with
the virus under controlled conditions.